Episode 6 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


With the justice-driven Seryu and the spine-tingling Esdeath at Night Raid’s doorstep, things were surely heating up for our assassins. How much time is left before the inevitable and violent clashes that will take lives?

e6akamegakill1After the combined efforts of Tatsumi and Leone free numerous slum girls from the clutches of drug-smuggling pimps, Mine and Sheele get ambushed by a bloodthirsty Seryu. Revealing one trump card after the other, she holds her own and proves herself a worthy opponent. The fight is balanced and a draw where both sides retreat isn’t exactly unthinkable. However, as per the rule when Imperial Arms users fight, one wielder must die.

And so the curtain falls for Sheele as she meets her demise at the hands (or should I say jaws) of Coro, the organism-based Imperial Arms. Before she dies, she uses Extase to illuminate the area, allowing Mine to escape. Despite the heavy blow for Night Raid, there is little time for mourning. Battles will Imperial Arms users will increase and Esdeath has just arrived at the Capital…

e6akamegakill2That didn’t take too long. Sheele, the beauty with the oversized scissors leaves the stage. A Night Raid casualty was going to occur sooner or later, but I liked Sheele’s early exit. It did a good job of showing how sudden death can strike. Aside from that, killing off a main character within the first 10 episodes┬ásets the bar very high. Especially considering the fact that there are 24 episodes scheduled.

I also liked how Mine acknowledged Seryu’s resolve. Seryu really contributes positively to the story, adding a layer of moral complexity. Antagonists who aren’t exactly wrong always have my interest. Then you have Esdeath, whose timing of arrival couldn’t be any worse for a damaged Night Raid. It goes without saying that I’m excited.

Episode 6: Kill the Absolute Justice





  • Sheele’s death
  • Beautifully choreographed fight
  • Esdeath’s arrival to spice things up


  • None

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