Episode 6 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


It’s finally official, despite the obvious factor of Earth’s imminent demise, the Vers Emperor has finally declared war upon the United Earth.  All seemingly in response to the events that unfolded with Slaine’s attempt to clarify the princess’s fate.

Following this announcement of war, the UE begins to draft anyone able to contribute to the efforts in some way.  While everyone seems willing to aid, the princess is spared thanks to some quick talking by her hand.  Though Rayet is present, it’s still not quite clear if she desires to help the UE.

As the vessel carrying the princess and other companions makes its way to Tanegashima Base and ultimately to the UE headquarters, we start getting an insight into the world of Aldnoah.  After Marito gives his students yet another lesson on the sheer power of the Aldnoah drives, speaking of experience during the Moon battle, Inaho inquires Asseylum on just what is the Aldnoah.

Asseylum points out that the Aldnoah is a technology belonging to an advanced civilization that was discovered in ancient ruins on Mars (or as they call it, Vers).  The first person to discover the Aldnoah was Rayregalia Vers Rayvers, Asseylum’s grandfather.  Following this, the Aldnoah activated and recognized Rayregalia as its heir, burning the Aldnoah activation factor into his genes.  This means that both him and his decendants have the innate ability to activate Aldnoah.

e6aldnoahzero4Rayregalia then appointed the Orbital Knights, giving them Aldnoah and the activation factor.  Using this power, they created castles and Kataphrakts to rule over the colonies.  However, now those who ruled the desolate world of Mars aspire to take the beautiful world of Earth for themselves.

Also during this brief peace, captain Magbaredge confronts Marito on just why she’s so fascinated by him, or rather why she dislikes him.  However this quick revelation takes a back seat very quickly as their vessel comes under attack once again by a new threat.  While at the same time, Slaine makes his escape of the count’s castle.

Oh sweet, sweet information dump.  The good kind in fact.  Finally getting some sense of what the Aldnoah is was really refreshing after being in the dark for so long.  While we don’t get the specifics of what it does or how it was made, it was still a great bit of details.

e6aldnoahzero6On top of that it seems we got yet another tease into Marito’s past, as well as his connection to Magbaredge.  While it was only a tease, I can’t help but want to know more about just what happened at Tanegashima (Edit: Wrong location, thanks jesse) that has him hating himself so much for.  A miscalculation that cost people their lives?  Or perhaps he thought he could destroy the beast he fears so much and made a reckless move?

On the side lines we got a brief look at Slaine, which the focus seems to be more on his father rather than himself.  However it seems we won’t be seeing more on that for some time as he makes his escape.  Though I’m curious if it will have some sort of connection to the build of the Aldnoah machines.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too into yet another arrival of a new Orbital Knight so quick.  It sort of broke up the pacing this time around.  While I love the combat in this show, I almost wanted a break from it while we got filled in on so much information.  I hope this doesn’t mean that the show will keep strictly to a “Battle Per Episode” mentality and shoe in fights for that reason.

Episode 6: Steel Step Suite





  • Insight into Aldnoah
  • Marito and Magbaredge’s connection
  • Slaine’s arrival?


  • Enemy attacks becoming episodic

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