Episode 6 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Nozaki wasn’t always a hidden shojo manga superstar, he was once a very popular basketball player in Junior High.  Though that all changed when he took on the art of manga writing and decided to protect his future.. well his hands.

This revelation of Nozaki’s past comes to light when he confronts a friend named Wakamatsu.  Someone Nozaki used to play basketball with in Jr High.  Though Nozaki’s friend is struggling with something that he needs his help with.  Turns out Seo is causing quite a problem for the boy’s team as she rampages the court and haunts him in his dreams.  While this causes him some sever insomnia, an audio recording of Seo’s singing that Sakura brought Nozaki seems to put him right to sleep.

A great fix for Wakamatsu’s insomnia is found, and while he requests the sound file from Nozaki, the identity of the singer remains a secret to him.  This is because Nozaki doesn’t know just how badly the reveal might be to Wakamatsu.  Following this, Wakamatsu wishes to put his newfound energy to use in finding a way to combat Seo.  Taking Nozaki’s shojo manga in hand, he uses it to find methods to turn the tables on his rival Seo.

e6monthlygirlsnozakikun3No one would have imagined just how foolish this was as he leave a letter of challenge in Seo’s shoe locker.. in the form of a love letter to meet on the roof.  There, Wakamatsu begins shouting all his frustrations at Seo.  Including her desire to make him carry things for her, take him to her family restaurant, pay for meals, give him gifts.  While a nearby Nozaki realizes this is because she probably likes him, Wakamatsu is beyond help at this point.  As Wakamatsu compares her violent behavior to the singing goddess from the sound file, Seo obviously realizes he’s talking about her.

Following this entire ordeal, Hori along with Sakura and Wakamatsu find themselves called to Nozaki’s place after he misses a day of school.  Turns out he’s quite ill and need to meet a deadline.  The band of completely inexperienced friends do their best in completing his manga, though it may not turn out so great.

Who would have thought that the great and vicious Seo could be SO DARN CUTE.. for a brief moment.  I almost felt really bad for her as she stood there, but it turns out she’s still as silly as ever.  Also seeing Nozaki die from utter frustration around the corner was hilarious.

There was so much to like in this episode that I can’t run through them all.  From Wakamatsu’s cluelessness, to Sakura’s face during the letter opening, to the absolutely crazy creation the amatures came up with while Nozaki was sick.  It was all clever and so enjoyable.  I’m so glad this series just keeps me laughing and smiling.

Did I mention Seo was cute for once?

Episode 6: I’ll Cast a Spell on You





  • Seo Yuzuki was cute! (for a minute)
  • Some hilarious moments
  • Clever writing


  • None

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