Episode 6 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


The time has finally come for Nine and Twelve to face a very disturbing past as Five finally arrives to change the game forever. It seems that the traditional game of cat and mouse has transformed into a game of dare.

Following the major defeat that Twelve and Nine faced in the subway bombing incident, it was revealed that a person from their past has arrived to put a wrench in their plans. Five, a woman from the same institute that Nine and Twelve were from, has arrived with the backing of the FBI and ultimately the Japanese government. Putting a full lockdown on Shibazaki and the rest of the police department.

Though it doesn’t seem to completely knock Shibazaki out of the picture, as he and many of his comrades decided not to allow another subway incident after they discover the next bombs location that was given in the form of another riddle. However little do they know that this new bomb was not set by Nine and Twelve, but by Five in order to lure them out.

The game changes from Nine and Twelve planting bombs to them being the only hope to stopping bombs placed by Five.

Decent episode overall. As usual, they are showing some fantastic visual design in this show. I guess I’m just more upset that Five didn’t turn out to be a more compelling character. Instead it’s just another “I’m smarter than you, let’s play a game” thing that has been overdone. She’s not interesting, she has a boring “twisted” attitude that has been played to death.

On the flip side, I was excited to see Shibazaki and his companions step up. The whole garage scene was cool. I’m predicting an encounter between Shibazaki and Nine here soon so that they can explain the situation to him.  Either that or he’ll rescue Lisa and then it will turn into Twelve wanting to kill her.  I still think he’s sick in the head.

Episode 6: Ready Or Not





  • Shibazaki’s team steps up
  • Good build
  • Great presentation


  • Five not really interesting
  • Story not going anywhere

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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