Episode 7 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Having lost Sheele, and with Esdeath being closer than ever, Night Raid has its work cut out for them. Will the next mission be an opportunity to bounce back for our assassins?

e7akamegakill1General Esdeath has finally returned home, and despite feeling fulfilled because of her military accomplishments, she recognizes a void that only a lover could fill.  This brings her to request some time to pursue love, though only after fulfilling the king’s desire to annihilate Night Raid.  Night Raid is still recovering mentally, but there’s little time for sorrow as Esdeath makes her first move.

Her subordinates (The Three Beasts) target valuable politicians that would help rebuild the nation after the revolution.  On top of that, the Three Beasts frame Night Raid for the murders in an attempt to lure them out. When Tatsumi and Bulat are sent off to guard an official on the Ryuusen, they are confronted by all three of Esdese’s subordinates. Including Bulat’s former superior in the military.

e7akamegakill2Seems like Seryu’s quest is on hold for now. Fortunately, that doesn’t come at the expense of threat levels going down. Despite being down to two members already, the Three Beasts come across as very capable fighters. Which is to be expected if they’re taking orders directly from Esdeath herself. It’ll be interesting to see if Bulat has some lingering loyalty that could be obstructive.

I wouldn’t exactly put it beyond Akame ga Kill! to see Bulat die next week at the hands of “general” Liver. But we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. I also loved Akame’s breakdown. It made her seem a bit more human, which is needed every once in a while, considering her usual stoic attitude. But no complaints here. A good episode with yet another good cliffhanger.

Episode 7: Kill the Three: Part 1





  • Three Beasts (especially Liver)
  • Delicious action
  • The ironing out of Akame’s character


  • Some misplaced humor that ruins the dark vibe

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