Episode 7 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Tanegashima, an island off of Japan that seems to hold a lot of weight in this segment of Aldnoah Zero. ¬†Not only does it hold significance for Marito’s past, but also a key to mankind’s future.

As Inaho, Inko, Yuki, and Slaine continue their battle against Femieanne, Count Cruhteo is infuriated by Slaine’s continued disgrace. While he desires to step in, Saazbaum puts him on standby in an obvious attempt to follow him to the princess.

While deflecting many of Femieanne’s attacks, one manages to break a hole that leads into the island’s mountainside which the civilian filled vessel decides to take advantage of.

While the vessel makes its way into the tunnel, Inaho takes to the air with the aid of Slaine. They strategize about their target and end up discovering a weakness in its powerful armor. Movement removes its impenetrable exterior and its tail is exposed.

e7aldnoahzero6Once inside the tunnel, a few of the crew members along with Magbaredge, Asseylum, and Marito discover a secret within its walls. The buried remains of the demon Marito fought 15 years ago.

This only solidifies that Marito’s report of the happenings at Tanegashima was not incorrect, but rather buried for the sake of mankind keeping the vessel a secret.

This episode had me very worried for this series. While the production value continues to have me extremely pumped for each episode, the other element that I always chime on is the “grounded” factor. Keeping the fate of mankind limited to their own power and perseverance. In this episode, we seen a bit of that changing.

e7aldnoahzero3Not only did they get their hands on a vessel that could change the scales of war, but also possibly an Aldnoah Kataphrakt. Putting aside the fact of the humans being able to leap right into piloting the flying vessel, it changes things a bit. But I can accept that. On the other hand, I pray that the Kataphrakt wasn’t taken with them as it will only trivialize the weight of these battles more.

I’m going to continue to put my trust in the writing to keep it as solid as it has been and not go too far into the realm of magical robots facing head to head. Instead that it will remain grounded and true to what it’s created so far.

My worries aside, this was a fantastic episode. I really enjoyed seeing the team work¬†between Inoha and Slaine all the way to its end. Even more excited to see Rayet finally seem to make her choice in killing the Vers for her father’s death. I was never sure what they were going to do with her.

e7aldnoahzero4On the flip side, I’m hoping they will finally put Marito to rest soon, as his battle panic really ruined the pacing of the battle this time around. We already get that he’s got some serious trauma, we don’t need to see it every episode in the middle of the high adrenaline of war.

Also.. that fight at the very end. Inaho is definitely not shy of doing the unthinkable. I just hope their mistrust doesn’t drag out too long. Let’s all be friends eventually okay? Of course, I’m not looking forward to the possible tension triangle that could sprout from Inaho, Slaine, and Asseylum being in the same room.

Episode 7: The Boys of Earth





  • Great presentation
  • Some answer finally given
  • Rayet finally stepping up


  • Possibly losing its grounding
  • Marito’s struggle breaking pacing

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