Episode 7 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


It seems Kirito won’t be forgetting the skeletons in his closet anytime soon. Though after several talks with those around him, it may in fact be for the better.

While Kirito continues to fight with the idea of the Death Gun and the killing he did in SAO, Sugu approaches him about joining GGO. He tries to lie his way out of the situation but it seems as if Sugu has done her homework as well as contacting Asuna. This in turn leads to Sugu desiring to comfort Kirito as his appearance sends up red flags about his struggles, though he assures her that everything is fine.

Elsewhere Sinon meets up with Shinkawa in the real world. Her frustration with Kirito and her desire to win leads her into a frustrating rant, even so far as to point her fingers like a gun in challenge. Shinkawa points this out, and hugs her in order to express his desire to protect her. Even going so far as to announce his love for her.

e7swordartonlineii6Though this admittance of love seems to only be a distraction that Sinon doesn’t want. So instead she forced him out of her mind and struggles to think about the competition.

Kirito returns to work and ends up being counselled by Aki on his recent struggles. He inquires Aki on her ability to remember those who have died at the hospital she used to work for. When she notes that she’s remembered them all, this makes Kirito feel disgusted with himself in why he cannot even remember the faces of those he killed.

A decent episode overall. I really enjoyed the interactions that Kirito had with those around him, highlighting that he isn’t alone in his struggle and those around him are there for him. It captured the feeling of anguish he has for killing and fixed his resolve on protecting those he cares for.  Aki’s interaction was especially great.

e7swordartonlineii4What the episode did that frustrates me is build an obvious sacrifice for later episodes. I already had hints of Shinkawa being killed later due to the obvious foreshadowing the OP gives off, but to build him up as being a love interest to Sinon seals the deal.

Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, but at the same time, it may be necessary to bring Sinon in for the case against Death Gun. Most likely, he’ll protect her from Death Gun as Sinon is his next target. Thus sealing the deal.

Episode 7: Crimson Memories





  • Good drama
  • Kirito’s struggle
  • Aki’s contribution


  • Creating obvious sacrifice?

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