Episode 7 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


Ryoko, finding herself in a very nasty predicament, might need to pull out all the stops just to survive. Surrounded by Doves and Bureau Investigators, will she be able to escape or at least buy enough time for Hinami to escape?

e7tokyoghoul1Crippled by the sight of her husband’s tentacle, Ryoko only manages a few seconds before Mado takes her life. The Anteiku licks its wounds as the focus shifts to the Doves and Investigators who are closing in on Jason’s base, the binge eaters and the gourmets.

Due to this recent event, the enraged Touka ignores the warnings of her mentor and decides to take action upon Kusaba and Nakajima, the duo present at Ryoko’s death.  While she swiftly kills Kusaba, Mado drives her off before she can complete her task.

When Mado later gets a call concerning Hinami (and Touka indirectly), a confrontation is in the making. With the death of Kusaba and many other agents on Amon’s mind, and the death of Ryoko on Kaneki’s, it seems many are gearing up for what could be a bloody war.

e7tokyoghoul2The stage has been set! Casualties on both sides of the conflict have led to mental preparation for warfare. The humanization of the “antagonists” is definitely appreciated on my end and came in the nick of time, although it came a little late for Kusaba for me to care. Also, Touka’s disappointing streak is still ongoing. Tantrums and dumb decisions like fighting the Doves are things you would expect from Kaneki, the actual novice. Is Kaneki already more mature?

I did notice how Amon and Mado have entirely different mentalities, despite being on the same side. It’d be nice to see how that plays out. All in all, still a good and informative episode of Tokyo Ghoul. Just a shame that some negatives prevented it from being great.

Episode 7: Captivity





  • Humanization of antagonists
  • Kaneki’s growth (resolve)
  • Great set up for incoming fights


  • Touka is still obnoxious
  • Pointless pre-death character development (Kusaba)

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