Episode 8 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


After being confronted by none other than his former superior, Bulat found himself in an emotionally layered fight. Having ownership of Imperial Arms as well, all Three Beasts members are forces to be reckoned with. With death being certain in this clash, who would live to see another day?

After Liver’s Black Marlin reveal, an Imperial Arms that manipulates water, him and Bulat get locked in an intense battle. Bulat refuses an offer to serve Esdeath before the fight goes into its final stages. It seems to be Bulat’s win, but Liver has one more card to play. After having used a vial to simultaneously enhance his body and poison his blood, Liver injects his own blood into Bulat, making it a draw. A dying Bulat manages to pass on his Imperial Arms to Tatsumi, who makes quick work of Nyau. But Bulat dies and our young protagonist experiences the pain of loss once more…

Although Night Raid can’t seem to catch a break, there’s more trouble ahead. The final scenes show the recruitment of Kurome. Akame’s sister and sworn enemy. Summoned to the capital to join 5 other members, her clash with Night Raid seems inevitable…

Boom! Another Night Raid assassin bites the dust. I’m being completely honest when I say that Bulat’s death caught me off guard. It reminded me of Hughes’ death (FMA Brotherhood) because, yet again, I was convinced that comic relief characters have sufficient plot armor to make it out of the nastiest of situations. Well, one could argue that Bulat lives on through Incursio, helping Tatsumi. But this is, without a doubt, a big loss for Night Raid in more ways than one.

Night Raid assassins seem to be dropping like flies and Esdeath hasn’t even lifted a finger yet. The assembly of another group, including Kurome, further puts our assassins in a bad predicament. So with a certain amount of concern, I look forward to seeing how things play out. Another solid episode of Akame ga Kill! My only issue was the insignificance of Nyau, whose only purpose was being Tatsumi’s punching bag. But it’s a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

Episode 8: Kill the Three: Part 2





  • Bulat’s death (char development for Tatsumi + power up)
  • Information on Incursio
  • Kurome’s entrance


  • Nyau

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