Episode 8 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Following Slaine’s defeat at the hands of Inaho’s quick thinking and lack of trust, he falls into the hands of Count Cruhteo who has some questions that he will see answered. Though the answers themselves might not be what he anticipated.

Torture is on the menu and Cruhteo is serving it up without hesitation. Though Saazbaum, still interested in Slaine’s father, is watching the entire time to assure his life is kept intact.

Elsewhere, the surviving front gets familiar with Deucalion as well as come to grips with the identity of the martian who has been with them the entire time, Asseylum. While most don’t seem too upset about it, Calm and Magbaredge aren’t too pleased.

While Slaine continues to struggle to keep his life as well as the princess’s status a secret, we get a bit of insight into his relationship with Asseylum. Through his flashbacks, as well as Asseylum’s conversation with Inaho. Which begs to question if his life will be spared.

Wow, yet another amazing episode! While the scenes depicting Slaine being tortured were quite brutal to watch, the way things panned out towards the end had me shouting in excitement (no, seriously, I shouted in excitement).

May I say, I’m extremely happy to see that Aldnhoah Kataphrakt still buried and discovered left behind. Though it seems its Aldnoah Drive is missing, so that’s for a fact going to come into play later.

Am I the only one that was thinking Calm was going to go stupid about Asseylum? Granted his “about-face” was just as stupid as a possible mindless fight. On the flip side, I can’t help but have wanted Inaho to tell Magbaredge to shove it after saving everyone’s life 4 times now.

e8aldnoahzero9From here on out, I can’t help myself but get a little spoiler per this episode. So if you haven’t gotten around to watching this episode, get on it!

No mistaking it, I was seriously under the belief that they would have ended up killing off Slaine this episode. It just seemed like all of the typical cards were in place for it. Instead it took it in a direction I was hoping for for quite some time now. Bringing Count Cruhteo into the fold. I knew he had a loyalty there, just needed a little bit of truth inserted.

Now, while I got extremely excited the moment he recognized Slaine, it’s sad to see it come forth so late and to such an abrupt conclusion. I was really hoping to see some serious clash between the Orbital Knights. His chapter was just shut extremely prematurely. Which saddens me. Especially on such a high note.

I’m guessing next episode will be us getting a bit more into Slaine’s father and possibly another encounter with an Aldnoah Kataphrakt. I have to admit that I’m craving some more Inaho mastermind action.

Episode 8: Then and Now





  • Deeper SlaineXAsseylum ties
  • Good drama build
  • Clear ups from previous episode


  • Character cut short of potential
  • Game of Throne’ish feel

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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