Episode 8 Impressions: Barakamon


The heart has definitely arrived in this recent installment of Barakamon.  While retaining its lighthearted feel with cute and often silly humor, it takes a quick turn to the more heartwarming offerings that sets itself aside from a typical comedy.

Thanks to some helpful insight from Tama and Miwa, Handa is informed of Naru’s birthday and plans to prepare for it. Though it’s no surprise that the party is to be held at his house. Despite this, Handa gets really serious about just what he can offer to Naru as a gift. Ruling out the usual girly gifts due to Naru’s tomboy attitude.

After spending hours with the local boys trying to catch the rarest of bugs, and ending up with quite a few spills, he manages to gain the favor of the boys due to him actually spending time with them. Though in the end he comes up with no bug to offer. Thankfully he manages to find a perfect gift that surprises everyone.

At a later date, Handa is invited to help Naru at the Bon Festival held by the village. His station ends up being at Naru’s Grandmother’s grave which turns from a chore to quite an unexpected revelation. Turns out that Naru’s Grandmother was quite well liked by the villagers as she had touched many lives during her time alive.

e8barakamon5Aside from that, Handa is struck with a great feeling of family that surrounds Naru. Despite having lost her Grandmother and the absence of her parents, it still seems like she will grow and oddly enough he is drawn to be there for her as long as he’s around.

Quite a powerful episode. I mentioned in a recent podcast review of Barakamon that it seems like they have been relatively distant from some of the more pressing and slice-of-life elements that the show seems to hint at having. Leave it to me to be proven wrong as this episode managed to deliver quite a bit.

I loved seeing this other side to Handa and Naru, and it has me begging for more. Before the season began, I managed to draw conclusions about Naru. That she was actually a ghost, or had lost her parents. Thankfully the first wasn’t true, but it seems the second may still hold true. Prepare the tissues!

I also couldn’t help but find Naru’s reaction to her gift to be quite funny.  As the other kids laughed at it, I knew it would be golden to her.  Sure enough, Handa is in for a surprise in the future!  I await the moment she uses the ticket to keep him from leaving.

Episode 8: Onde – Buddhist Chanting and Dancing





  • Showing its heart
  • Comical moments
  • Great signs for future


  • None

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