Episode 8 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


If one listened closely, he could have picked up the war-trumpet sounds during the final parts of last week’s episode. Humans and ghouls, both in it for survival, were about to be engaged in a bloody war. Which side will emerge as the victor of this first clash?

e8tokyoghoul1Hinami runs away. Drawn by the scent of what’s left of her mother, she wanders through the darkness, unaware of the Doves that lurk. Touka speeds off to Hinami’s location, while Kaneki has his hands full with Amon, trying to prevent him from joining Mado. Our hybrid initially doesn’t stand a chance as Amon literally brings down the hammer on him. That is until Kaneki “calls” for Rize’s help and manages to drive him off.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Touka is struggling against Mado and continues to do so until Hinami gets her ghoul on. She inflicts a considerable amount of damage, allowing Touka to kill Mado. However, as our ghouls walk away as winners into the night, the fight is far from over as they leave behind an enraged Amon…

e8tokyoghoul2Greatness. As much as I’d want to praise the animation and the choreography for these fights, it’s the moral complexity of it all that takes the cake. At a certain point, they literally show the different philosophies, side by side. There is no absolute good or absolute evil in any of these characters, and that’s what creates this plateau for a captivating conflict. Amon, for instance, is extremely easy to root for. Especially now that he lost his partner, Mado.

But this episode even managed to deliver in an informative way as well. Knowing that the quinque is a weapon made from a ghoul’s kagune is enough to question the intentions of the CCG. Tokyo Ghoul really stepped it up for this episode, and I hope it’s an indication of how the rest of the season will be.

EpisodeĀ 8: Circular





  • Great fights (animation-wise)
  • Emphasis on moral complexity
  • Outstanding soundtracks


  • None

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