Episode 9 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


As Kirito’s friends get a live feed of the events unfolding during the GGO Bullet of Bullets, Kirito is faced with a disturbing occurrence that only solidifies his resolve.

Despite Sinon’s actions, Death Gun foresees her shot and takes aim to fire upon his prey. Even after the victim rises to his feet one last time, he crouches over and loses connection almost as if he was the next life to be taken.

Following this, Sinon and Kirito are left to track down Death Gun as he seems to vanish from their sight and tracking. Kirito finally reveals to Sinon the dire truth behind Death Gun and the two of them make a temporary truce in order to stop Death Gun from taking more lives. Though Sinon still has her doubts to the truth of the killings.

Tracking down a possible location where Death Gun could be, the two split up in order to trap who they think could possibly be Death Gun, however it seems Death Gun could be one step ahead of them.

The tension definitely keeps building in this show and I’m glad they are keeping full steam ahead with it. Despite their efforts, it definitely seems like Death Gun is giving them a run for their money.

The only flaw I’m really seeing in this so far is Death Gun’s motives. Sure, I like the idea of Laughing Coffin returning for another sick continuation of SAO’s massive killing spree. It’s believable. The PK element messing with minds of people trapped in a world for years is something I can see.

However, it’s how Death Gun has been presented so far that is beginning to bother me. So far all we have is some guy who is taking pleasure in hunting people down. Obviously a gamer turned mass murderer who is seeking his next victim. To turn this into YET ANOTHER “I have to kill this person so you can show me that rage again” is just plain stupid. Seriously? This again? IT’S OVERDONE!

My personal rant aside, it did end well (even though I seen it coming from a mile away) and we have yet another insane cliffhanger to deal with this week. I’ll be eager to see how it unfolds!

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Episode 9: Death Gun





  • Good cliffhanger
  • Nice tension
  • Epic swordplay


  • Overused trope
  • Death Gun lackingĀ build

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