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Otaku Spirit » Episode 9 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 9 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


After last week’s bloodbath, it was time for self-reflection as both parties lick their wounds. Exploring where a few characters came from while anticipating the inevitable war to come, there isn’t much time for peace. 

A brief but tangible glimpse into Amon’s past sheds more light on his early days at the CCG. As Amon holds on to good memories of Mado, Hinami is working on her mental recovery at the Anteiku after having moved in with Touka. Kaneki takes out time for self-exploration as well, still harboring questions about Rize. Pointed in the direction of the 11th Ward by Itori for answers, Kaneki encounters a strange individual who successfully pickpockets him, having his identity exposed. After Hide drops slight hints of knowing more than he’s supposed to about ghouls, positional switches occur at the CCG.

Hoji and Takizawa Seido enter the fray and become the new overseers of the 20th Ward. Amon, together with Shinohara, gets assigned to the 11th Ward, functioning in a special task force. Apparently, the 11th Ward ghouls have been collaborating to exterminate investigators. But yet another war is brewing as groups of ghouls infiltrate the 20th Ward, looking for Rize. Including Jason and none other than Touka’s brother, Ayato.

Now, Rize is definitely a babe, but who would have guessed that she was this wanted? So many questions remain as to who she is and why she died, but we seem to be getting there. However, Rize is no longer the only character that brings mystery to the table. The character who visited Mado’s grave and Kaneki’s robber could have been early infiltrators looking for Rize, or could have entirely different motives. Time will tell.

I’m not too fond of how Mado’s character development was handled. The flashback would have maximized the impact of his demise, while it felt like “too little, too late” in this episode. But other than that, I had fun with this episode. I actually liked how it was low on action, and focused on characters and plot progression instead. Highly needed after last week’s brutal fight. But it seems like action junkies won’t have to wait too long anyway. Turmoil is on the way, and a character like Ayato should be able to deliver more than just a couple ghoul scratches. Let’s not forget that Rize lives on inside Kaneki… He might need some strong coffee himself after finding out that he’s attracting a pack of ghouls.

Episode 9: Birdcage





  • Well-timed character exploration
  • Hide’s tightening grip on the truth
  • Ayato entrance


  • Mado’s late development as an instructor
  • Forced humor (Nishiki-Touka argument)

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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