First Impressions: Himegoto


The age-old art of the trap is a tried and tested archetype in the world of anime. They aim to confuse and ultimately frustrate the equal gender. However to create a comedy short based strictly on the concept of it is a whole other beast.

Arikawa Hime has had a rough life after his parents gambled up a huge debt under his name. Since then he’s been chased by mobs seeking their money and even going so far as selling him dressed as a girl for money. While being chased to school by a pair of thugs, Hime is rescued by the student council and taken in to safety. While dressed in an adorable maid outfit that put most girl’s cuteness to shame, he reveals that he is in fact a boy. His rescuers respond by offering to pay off his incredible debt under the contract that he would remain a girl while attending school and become the student council’s personal dog.

Accepting these terms, he’s brought into the fold and quickly subjected to doing incredibly embarrassing things. As the student council is assigned to help each of the school’s clubs become better, he’s forced to do tasks like posing for the art club and becoming a cheerleader. All while keeping the appearance of a girl. Everyone, despite knowing it’s a boy, seems quite attracted to his unbelievable cuteness. Even his brother who is also a cross dresser accepts this idea with open arms.

At first glance, the idea of this show sounds like loads of laughter just waiting to happen. Instead the show manages to fall completely flat on its face with both extremely disturbing fanservice and poorly written humor.

fihimegoto1The humor basically consists of the student council attempting to find the most uncomfortable thing to subject Hime to. Things that involve him putting himself into highly suggestive situations that an actual girl would sue a school into debt for.  The problem is that it’s often obvious before it happens and it’s never clever.

As this often sexually inclusive harassment is put into play, it often leads to crotch shots of Hime that goes a bit far and beyond comfortable trap fanservice.  Often extremely close up depiction of his manhood that is just nearly unbearable to watch.  It’s tasteless and a cheap attempt at laughs.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this show just wasn’t funny in any way.  Even the unique element of a trap being involved in cheap gags is quickly snuffed out by the fact that nearly the entire cast consists of males dressing as girls.  So even though the student council acts as if Hime is an anomaly, I’ve began to wonder if ANY of the girls are really girls.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4




  • Slightly comical idea


  • Close ups of male junk
  • Overly sexualized
  • Unique element isn’t unique
  • Not funny

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