Wolf Children Ame & Yuki Novel Feature


Wolf Children made quite an impression when it was released not too long ago. A spectacular movie with great characters, and more importantly, great soul. So it was only natural that when I seen the hardbound novel compilation of the manga Wolf Children Ame & Yuki on the shelf of a store, I snatched it up quicker than the naked eye could see.

To be honest, I wasn’t concerned about the price. I already knew the caliber of what I was getting into, and I wanted it. Of course, I was not disappointed. Even with the change to a new art style, this amazing piece still captures the same great feel I got from watching the original movie. Original Story by Mamoru Hosoda, Art by Yu, and Character Design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, it’s definitely something any Wolf Children fan should have. ¬†Even if you’re not big on manga like myself.

This video is strictly for highlighting the product. It does not featuring a page by page viewing of the book in its entirety. To view and purchase this product, visit YenPress.com

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