Animecast: Sword Art Online II and Aldnoah Zero


The online death arena and fight for earth has come to somewhat of a conclusion as the first half of both Sword Art Online II and Aldnoah Zero comes to an end. In this episode of the Animecast, we sit down and review the first 12 episodes of Sword Art Online’s second season, then jump into reviewing the first cour for Aldnoah Zero. Following the podcast we also do a spoiler discussion on Aldnoah Zero, no holding back. If you have not watched Alnoah Zero, we give proper warning so don’t fear!

Note: Our spoiler discussion for Aldnoah Zero begins at the 39 minute mark following the closing music. Also note, we accidentally got stuck on the number “13” so despite our fumble in the podcast episode, this is all regarding the first 12 episodes of both series.

The intro for this episode is the OP for Sword Art Online II called “IGNITE” by Eir Aoi. The opening for the second review is an insert song for Aldnoah Zero called “Breathless” by Mika Kobayashi. The closing song for the reviews is another insert song from Aldnoah Zero called “MKAlieZ” by Mika Kobayashi. Finally, the closer for the spoiler discussion segment is an insert song from Aldnoah Zero called “Site-Now” by Hiroyuki Sawano.

We hope you all enjoy!

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We again welcome anyone listening to our spoiler discussion of Aldnoah Zero to check out our Aldnoah Zero discussion thread to continue the spoiler talk! Just be aware that the thread is for those who have watched the show, though our community has been amazing at keeping things under labeled spoiler tags! If something else caught your interest in this episode or something you want us to expand on, leave us a comment on the forums and join the discussion!