Episode 1 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


In the year 2619, the world isn’t in a very pleasant state. Living conditions aren’t very fair and the rich live in such lavish luxury. Though one aspect is effecting all, rich and poor, which is a new strain of virus from Mars.

In order to cultivate Mars, mankind sent several different vessels containing elements to create an environment. One being algae, the other being cockroaches. However, 500 years later, the cockroaches have evolved to survive the harsh environment they were sent to. Thus becoming what mankind now calls “Terraformars.”

As mankind attempts to seek a cure for the new strain of virus, they have sent several crews to Mars but none return. Once 42 years ago, and one 20 years ago. Each time, they were wiped out by the Terraformars. Now that mankind is growing more concerned about the virus, the United Nations Aeronautics and Space Administration seeks to create a new task force of 100 men and women to get the job done.

One of those men is Hizamara Akari, who at the time of discovery, is an arena fighter for the amusement of the rich. Put under the false hope of getting his childhood friend Yuriko an operation for the same virus from Mars that is killing many. After discovering Yuriko is already dead, the U-NASA Commanding officer Komachi Shokichi recruits him under the hope of keeping anyone else from seeing Yuriko’s fate.

e1terraformars9It seems that one doesn’t just merely hop on a space ship and walk onto Mars’s surface. Instead, each member on this new task force must undergo a surgery that sees only a 36% survival rate. Shockingly, most individuals see this as a better survival than living outside of the rich and famous. Though Hizamaru Akari seems to be a special case with a high success rate due to being “Born after the Surgery.” Some sort of oddity in the eyes of many, yet not really explained at this point.

Nothing too interesting at this point of the show. Unfortunately most of the episode was some sort of purpose building for Hizamaru Akari. In a show that seems rather Universe in scale, to focus on one character seemed rather wasteful. Not to mention that he seemed to put very little effort into contemplating what was being asked of him. He questioned nothing happening to him.

“Hey, you lost your girl.. how about helping us keep that from happening to other people? Just go to Mars!” “Hey, surgery is done! Let’s go!”

e1terraformars10Then there was the off-putting humor seemingly forced into play in order to entertain during the slower points of the show.  It always felt out of place and lacking any real thought put into it at all.  Usually consisting of people pointing out breast and killing emotion moments with cheesy actions.

About the only interesting element of this show was the introduction of the Terraformars. However very little was done with them and we got only a couple of views of them, none in action. I figured we’d at least get a shot of the last crew that ran into them. But I guess this was on purpose to have us experience them at the same time that the new crew does. Or perhaps this episode is relying on people having watched the OVA which was not broadcast in the west.

One element of this episode was very telling to the rest of the series. From my research, I’ve found that this show is going to be VERY violent and gory. After “watching” the fight between Hizamaru and the bear, I can honestly say that this show is going to be very difficult to watch. Literally. Half of the bear fight consisted of the 95% of the screen being blacked out. I’m not sure what we’ll even get to see in this show that seems to be primarily about violent battles against cockroaches.

So what really is the purpose of this show? It’s obviously going to be lacking in story. All signs point to a violent shonen, and if the violence is going to be blurred out, then just what will we get out of this? Nothing is my guess.

This show is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: Symptom Mutation




  • Interesting style
  • Decent dark tone


  • Terrible censorship
  • Awkwardly bad humor
  • Terrible character focus
  • Shallow character decisions
  • A violent shonen that doesn’t show the violence.

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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