Episode 10 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Last week, Tatsumi found himself in the clutches (or oppai) of literally and figuratively the coldest general in the Imperial capital. It is up to Night Raid to rescue their companion, but how will they fare now that the Jaegers are in the picture?

Declared a back up Jaeger by Esdeath, Tatsumi works on his integration by observing missions as Esdeath demands. The cold beauty clearly wears the pants in this relationship as Tatsumi’s attempts to have her join the Revolutionary Army utterly fails. Using advice from her Jaegers and her voluptuous body, she will do anything to keep Tatsumi, who in fact has a lot of information to relay to Night Raid. But Tatsumi finally sees an opening when Esdeath announces a hunt.

Esdeath finally lets her guard down. After an unfortunate clash during the hunt between Tatsumi and Wave, both in armored Imperial Arms, Tatsumi manages to escape. Injured, and on the verge of being killed by a Danger Beast, he finally gets saved by Akame. But it’s not over yet as Esdeath issues an order to capture Tatsumi dead or alive. And things could get ugly soon now that Dr Stylish has already located the Night Raid base.

e10akamegakill2That chest! Seriously though. Esdeath must have the best physical therapist, considering the amount of weight her back has to cope with. I must applaud Tatsumi for trying to manipulate the general in a way many wouldn’t even think of. While I did enjoy Wave and Tatsumi’s fight, it seemed a bit convenient how Esdeath just randomly let Tatsumi out of her sight. Also, Akame’s sword must have a TomTom attached to it, being just in time to save Tatsumi.

But this episode was all about Esdeath’s sexiness and her resolve to win Tatsumi’s heart. Yes, rather heavy on fan service for the ecchi lovers out there, but not entirely without substance. Seeing how the Jaegers fight with their Imperial Arms was cool and informative at the same time. Tatsumi and Wave had some golden interaction. The humor overall was on point, and the cliffhanger was, as expected, impactful enough to have viewers longing for more. Despite some minor issues, this episode held up pretty well and I’m excited for the upcoming fights.

Episode 10: Kill the Temptation





  • Jaeger reveals (Imperial Arms)
  • Fan service (?)
  • Humor


  • Minor conveniences
  • Fan service (?)

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