Episode 10 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


The streets have definitely become unsafe. The 11th Ward’s transitioning to a war zone, and the search for Rize has everyone’s guard up. How will all these developments affect Kaneki and the rest?

e10tokyoghoul1Aogiri Tree. That is the group of ghouls that has been purging the 11th Ward of ghouls and doves alike. Taking no prisoners and having conquered the entire area, an all-out war between humans and ghouls is on the way. But things get intense on a more local scale as well. The Anteiku gets a surprise visit from Ayato, Jason and some of their underlings. Luck runs out for Kaneki as Jason quickly picks up Rize’s scent, which leads to his abduction.

As the CCG strategizes and works on their PR with the media, a somewhat known face enters the stage. Kaneki’s robber and Shinohara’s underling: Suzuya Juzo. Meanwhile at the Anteiku, a briefing in which resolve is cultivated to rescue Kaneki ends with an interesting twist. Help comes from a not too unexpected party, which is Tsukiyama…

e10tokyoghoul2Getting all the negatives out of the way, I must say it seemed convenient how Yoshimura and Yomo were doing outdoor reconnaissance just as the Anteiku was attacked. The most efficient way to hide the extent of their abilities, I guess. Also, the episode was a bit jumpy/convoluted at times. Random short flashbacks for Suzuya and Amon, that didn’t really say much, threw off the pacing.

Other than that, the episode truly shined. Establishing power gaps, plot progressive, and a character introduction that will definitely spice things up. Speaking of power gaps, I feel bad for ghoul households if the usual sibling squabble is anything like Ayato and Touka’s altercation. Also, Kaneki’s head is made out of the toughest substance known to mankind. Kaneki helmets, Kaneki locks, Kaneki condoms… The world would be a better place. On a serious note though, I’m very excited as things are shaping up nicely for the finale, three weeks from now.

Episode 10: Aogiri





  • Ayato’s battle prowess
  • Development on both sides in the 11th Ward conflict
  • Tsukiyama (interesting joker)


  • Yomo and Yoshimura’s convenient absence
  • Sketchy pacing at times (insignificant flashbacks)

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