Episode 11 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


It seems despite the princess’s effort to stop the war, Saazbaum will do everything he can to exact his revenge and destroy Terran and Vers alike. As his castle descends on the United Earth HQ, will the princess still be an asset to the defense?

Once on the ground, Saazbaum’s castle unleashes a slew of bunker busters that rip through the headquarters deep under the Earth’s surface. With little matching the sheer power of Saazbaum and his forces, the crew of the Deucalion is forced to retreat to their ship and prepare to retreat.

As Asseylum struggles with the still ongoing war despite her efforts, it becomes clear to her that war was always the primary goal and that there is little that she herself can do. However, just when she gives up hope entirely, she realizes that the blood running through her veins can in fact turn the tides and end the war.

e11aldnoahzero1The plan is simple, while crazy. Once escaping the hatch, the Deucalion would fly above the castle at the edge of the atmosphere, then after dropping some decoys, a group of Kataphrakt (including the princess) would land on the castle and seek to stop its Aldnoah Drive. However when Saazbaum appears before the Deucalion, things don’t turn out according to plan.

Quite an intense episode to rival Terror in Resonance this week. I was happy to see that Rayet took up arms once again, though that smile caught me off guard. I think that’s the first time she’s smiled since her father died.

e11aldnoahzero9Seeing Asseylum’s struggle was really well done and I believe her new resolve will make for some interesting events going forward. It was rather interesting to learn that someone of the emperor’s bloodline can force a drive to shut down.

I’m sure we’ll find out something in the coming episode, but I’m a bit puzzled as to who the Kataphrakt was that Rayet ran into. We haven’t really seen any Kataphrakt from the Vers side besides the Orbital Knights, so this new one came from left field. Hopefully Rayet will pull through even without Inaho present.

Goes without saying this episode continued to show how gripping a show can be with you know how to present it. Amazing sound and visual orchestration that I can’t get enough of. Though I’m a bit concerned as to when we will see episode 13 as it’s not on the charts for next season. ¬†Hopefully we won’t have a seasonal split. ¬†I can see Saazbaum’s castle destroyed in the final seasonal episode, and the Vers Empire riding in next season for wave 2, but I hope we get no delay.

Episode 11: Wind, Snow and Stars





  • Gripping and Intense
  • Amazing presentation
  • Great build up


  • Hummer CG bit off

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