Episode 11 Impressions: Barakamon


In a huge twist of events, Handa has left the island.  Not only that, but he has apparently opted not to tell anyone, leaving the villagers quite perplexed.  After his work comes into question, can he really find the inspiration he once had while he’s in Tokyo?

Now that Handa is back in Tokyo, his first order of business is to apologize to the director that he slugged during his last convention.  This is all thanks to the director himself offering him forgiveness if he is willing to ask for it.

After the director arrives, Handa quickly realizes something his old immature self would have never noticed.  The director is quite cripple and has to wield a cain.  This leads Handa to offer his aid in seating the director, as well as a deep and meaningful apology.

As the director later inspects Handa’s new work, a turn of events leads Handa to have to create yet another new piece of work for the convention the next day.  However without his old friends with him, his attempts to create a new piece fail miserably.

Ugh, get the tissues ready. There was quite a bit of tears attempting their escape this time around. Not necessarily in the cameo of the folks back at the village, but more-so in Handa’s realization and apology. It was powerful and really hit me hard.  This is definitely one of those simple yet effective storytelling elements that I absolutely love.  You can see how Handa is realizing things he would have missed before, and his reaction to it was strong.

However that didn’t keep this episode from being absolutely hilarious.  Seeing his friend react in hidden chuckles to Handa’s interactions with the director.  Even Handa’s attempt to recreate the village setting at home (only to have his mother walk in).  This was a priceless episode and included everything that is right about this show into one great package.

Episode 11: I’m in Tokyo (Yoseo)





  • Great mix of comedy and emotion
  • Tear-jerking moments
  • Great character transition


  • None

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