Episode 11 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Death Gun has Kirito and Sinon on the run.  All that is left is to either hide, or fight back. As Kirito is determined to take him down, questions of just how Death Gun pulls off his murders come to light.

Following their discussion about living with their bloodied hands, Sinon can only turn to Kirito to find strength in forgetting the image of the one she killed, though Kirito now believes that remembering is important.

Though conversations shift to just how the Death Gun is pulling off this feat. With the VR gear now being safe to use, and the victims dying from heart failure, Kirito believes that there is in fact two Death Gun. A team effort that helps them continue the concept of the killing they once did in SAO.

e11swordartonlineii3In the end, this is a great episode if you haven’t been paying attention at all. As we pretty much repeated most of what has been going on. Though it did have an interesting theory posed on just how the Death Gun pulls off his kills.

It’s hard for me to give this episode a thumbs down due to an interesting element being played into with Sinon having an aggressor in her room (possibly), but in the end, that was the only good hook in this entire episode of echoes.

With Asuna wanting to rush to Kirito’s side, it really begs the question if the doctor lady is going to end up being a Laughing Coffin member, or if she herself is in danger. The prior would be a pretty dumb and forced twist, so I hope not.

Episode 11: The Meaning of Strength



Mostly Boring


  • Decent tension at points
  • Nice possible twist


  • Sinon butt shots getting old
  • Repeating plot points

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