Episode 11 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Not only Tokyo, but seemingly the entire nation of Japan is thrown in a great state of terror as the looming threat of a nuclear explosion is imminent. As evacuations are under way, Shibazaki fights to discover Nine’s true intentions.

While contemplating escaping with the other residents, Lisa stumbles upon a very injured Twelve. Attempting to bring him back to consciousness, she fears if Nine will follow through with his threats.

Elsewhere, Shibazaki lays down an obvious factor to his former team. The Sphinx has technically never harmed anyone, opting only to scare and draw attention. He also notes their act of disarming several threats that came during Five’s actions. This leads him to question his sister to discover¬†another possible target.

As Shibazaki attempts to stop the rising bomb, Nine rises in a nearby tower to get a front row seat to the mayhem he is soon to create.

What a great ending to this series. While I had my misgivings halfway through and still thought Five was a poor antagonist, they still managed to conclude it in a way that caught me off guard and had me thoroughly impressed.

Many of the character interactions (avoiding spoilers) were quite good and I especially liked the scenes Lisa and Twelve had together near the beginning. Looking back, the final moments at the old facility seem hauntingly well written.

Overall a great ending to a really good show for this season. If you’ve finished the season, we welcome you to chime in on your thoughts in our spoiler discussion thread. Expect a thorough review in the coming weeks and thanks for reading our weekly impressions!

Episode 11: VON





  • Great conclusion
  • Good tie-ins
  • Emotional moments


  • Some questionable ending logic

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