Episode 12 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


After Dr Stylish’s defeat, Night Raid should be able to kick back for a while. But for how long exactly? Even well deserved breaks can’t be lengthy in the violent Imperial capital…

e12akamegakill1A new base is needed for our assassins after Dr Stylish’s assault proved how exposed their old one was. While Najenda has the Revolutionary Army looking for a suitable place, outdoor training is done. A perfect opportunity for proper introductions and character interaction. We meet Chelsea and Susanoo, and get a feel for how they fit in with the rest of the assassins. We also get a closer look at their abilities. The mood is great and training progresses smoothly…

But spirits aren’t so high elsewhere as the Jaegers lick their wounds. More specifically Seryuu, as Dr Stylish was her patron. While here bloodlust is being heightened, we look deeper into Chelsea’s story, finding out she had a dark past similar to Akame’s. The episode ends with a premonition from Esdeath and the return of a mysterious character to the Imperial capital.

e12akamegakill2I’m not sure if Chelsea’s bath scene is enough to say that this was Akame ga Kill’s beach episode, but it’s close. Unfortunately, this episode was lacking when it came to presenting tangible elements. Even taking into consideration that it was the aftermath of a fierce battle, it didn’t have so much going for it. Even Chelsea as a character seems to be Akame 2.0. She does have a cool ability though. Let’s see if her Imperial Arms can change her into a character I can appreciate.

However, there were some small bits that are worth mentioning. Such as Incursio’s supplemental weapon: Neuntöte. And also Run, whose loyalty might lie elsewhere. But those were just little sparks of interest amidst the blandness of it all. Not even the cliffhanger could excite me. Mainly because the “mysterious character at the end” formula is quite overdone in this series. It has lost its impact. Well, fingers crossed for Esdeath’s premonition holding some truth.

Episode 12: Kill the Newcomers





  • Learning about Chelsea’s Imperials Arms and the Neuntöte
  • Some of the humor


  • Lack of originality in Chelsea’s character
  • Bland most of the time

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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