Episode 12 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Things are looking grim for the heroes of our story as Saazbaum seemingly lays down a fatal blow on the plans to stop him. The Deucalion is now plummeted into the castle and the fate of many lives are in question.

Warning, the following will contain early episode spoilers regarding the fate of characters post Episode 11’s conclusion. Though all spoilers after that will be kept to a minimum. If you would like to discuss spoilers regarding the events of this episode, we encourage you to join our discussion thread on the forums!

As the smoke clears after the falling of the Deucalion, the team quickly regains its footing and continues on with their mission, despite the fate of the crew being in question. After Inaho rekindles the hope within Asseylum, Saazbaum arrives to attempt at finishing what he started.

Inaho sends the rest of the team onward to shut down the Aldnoah Drive while he faces Saazbaum head to head. While it seems that Asseylum and her escort will successfully make it to the Aldnoah Drive, when Slaine arrives during the midst of Inaho and Saazbaum’s battle, things take a turn for the worst.

e12aldnoahzero4Wow, that was an incredible episode, no matter how you feel about its conclusion. What makes it more surprising is that this series will continue in this coming Winter anime season , and there’s a lot of questions floating about just where it intends to go from here. I again, welcome everyone to our spoiler discussion thread to really get into the nitty-gritty of this conclusion.

It’s hard to say anything about this episode without hitting spoilers so I’ll just dance around the presentation of what was some writing that took me by surprise. Inaho’s fight with Saazbaum was a bit less interesting than most fights he has had, as the trick was rather lacking in comparison to most, however it still felt grounded and logical.

On the flip side, Slaine’s arrival was once again late, and at first, seemingly pointless. Though one can’t deny the significance later on. I also felt that Rayet’s battle with the Kataphrakt in the headquarters was cut incredibly short.

e12aldnoahzero2Which brings me to my only huge beef with this episode (barring thoughts on its conclusion). That terrible Power Rangers like transformation had me completely turned off. Why?! Just WHY?! It looked so terrible and silly. It really broke the feel of the show. This coming from a show that has been absolutely outstanding in production value. I’m fine with it being able to merge into a bigger machine, but why drag it out and animate it like a Power Rangers episode?

My rant aside, this was an incredible episode that had me floored during its final moments. I can’t say enough for this show and its writing that definitely caught me off guard. I can’t wait for its continuation in the Winter season, and I’m really interested in what direction they take it next. Or more-so, if they will commit to what they have done.

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Episode 12:¬†Childhood’s End





  • Incredible conclusion
  • Shocking
  • Great conclusion
  • Too excited for 2nd cour


  • Questionable motives
  • Terrible Power Ranger Transformation

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