Episode 12 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


The more time Kirito and Sinon waste in their meeting, the more time Death Gun has to kill more victims.  There’s no time like the present for our heroes to finally step up and try to take him down.  Though that may be more difficult than they expect.


“No cameras please.”

After some final judgement calls, Kirito and Sinon are ready to make their move.  They assume Dark Wind, who placed second in the last BoB, will probably make his move on the battlefield.  While Sinon believes they can use him as bait for Death Gun, Kirito doesn’t wish to assume that there is only one partner in the real world working for Death Gun.

This leads Kirito to serve as bait.  Standing in the midst of the battlefield, he’s quickly pursued by both Dark Wind and Death Gun.  Sinon does her part by handling Dark Wind, while Kirito confronts Death Gun.  Only this reunion takes a surprising turn as Death Gun reveals his other weapon.

"Notice me senpai!~"

“Notice me senpai!~”

This season is really turning out to be the “Notice Me Senpai” arc for Sword Art Online.  I’m really hoping this isn’t the full depth of Death Gun’s story as it’s rather anticlimactic.  Granted I’m not expecting some huge twist where someone who was good, ended up being a bad guy from the first season.

In all seriousness, I’m just EXTREMELY happy Kirito and Sinon has finally left the cave.  Their drawn out conversations and speculations was getting ridiculous and I was almost anticipating yet another full episode of it.

I was surprised to see Asuna finally arrive at Kirito’s side, but a side of me still wonders if the nurse is going to turn out to be a Laughing Coffin.  They wouldn’t stoop that low…. right?!  Wait, they can now put their daughter in a phone?!  And she can hack TVs?!

Episode 12: Phantom Bullet





  • They finally left the cave!
  • Decent developments
  • Asuna stepping up


  • More drug out dialog
  • Death Gun still lacking
  • Yui is now an app able to hack anything

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