Episode 12 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


A change is manifesting in Kaneki. This episode was to clear the uncertainty as to whether this change was for better or for worse. Bone tingling torture by the hands of Jason brought forth the decimation of our young barista. Could he rise up to the occasion in this finale?

Driven to the brink of insanity, Kaneki has an inner dialogue with a visual representation of his source of power, Rize. This exchange, involving philosophical conflicts over causality, provided an unprecedented platform for character exploration and development. Every factor relevant to the shaping of Kaneki’s character thus far is touched on as Jason continues to bring down the hammer on him, physically and mentally.

But Kaneki finally emerges from the very depths of hell due to a combination of a sense of duty and an incredible drive to survive. Devouring Rize triggers a transformation that puts him several leagues above Jason. And so another “creator” meets his end by the hands of his own diabolical creation. The monster Kaneki is born.

Magnificent. This episode had everything to make it one of the most memorable episodes of the season.¬†Torture scenes garnered sympathy, questions related to Kaneki’s past were answered, dilemmas and the concept of causality engaged the viewers, and a gorgeously animated battle to top it off… There were even nice little touches, like the flowers becoming red being a representation of Kaneki’s mind succumbing to madness.

The only unfortunate thing is that all the delicious exploration of Kaneki’s character came at a somewhat costly price, depending on what the viewer wanted to see. Some people, including me, were craving an update on how Ayato vs Touka was getting along. Or to see if the One-Eyed Owl could live up to the hype. But I can’t really complain. Pierrot chose to have this episode revolve around Kaneki and it was perfect.

e12tokyoghoul3Expectations for the recently confirmed second season? A different Kaneki for sure. It’ll be interesting to see if the Anteiku can still serve as an oasis in his cruel world. I still have my eyes on Yoshimura as he wouldn’t be the first “sensei” figure to betray our trusting hearts. I’m also guessing things will get more complicated between Kaneki and Hide. I hope Hide’s sharpness doesn’t land him in between eager jaws.

Alas, goodbye for now. The season ends here and so do my weekly impressions which I grew fond of sharing. However, January isn’t that far away and I’ll be back on the frontlines every week! Every read/share was greatly appreciated on my end. Cheers!

Episode 12: Ghoul





  • Character exploration/development for Kaneki
  • Symbolic representations
  • Power up
  • Amazing fight scene


  • Some loose ends? (Ayato vs Touka, the One-Eyed Owl)

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