Episode 13 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


The calmness last week allowed for decent character introductions and a peaceful atmosphere in the Night Raid camp. But the Imperial capital is still corrupt and in need of a revolution. With Esdeath’s Jaegers still lurking, a confrontation is never that far away…

A new species of Danger Beasts emerges in the Imperial capital.¬†Despite commander-in-chief Budou’s order for immediate annihilation, the minister takes interest in them and sends Esdeath to capture some alive for him. The Jaegers, accompanied by Esdeath, waste no time and manage to do just that before we zoom in on Bols’ character. Certainly in Bols’ case, looks are deceiving as we discover that he’s backed by a loving family. We also learn how he views the flack he gets as punishment for all the atrocities he committed in the name of the law.

Likewise, at the new Night Raid hideout, we learn more about Susanoo’s nature as an Imperial Arms. Also coming to light is the reason for Lubbock’s motivation: Najenda. Moral conviction sways our assassins to hunt down the Danger Beasts as well. Meanwhile, last week’s mysterious character observes from the shadows, referring to the Danger Beasts as his toys.

The stage is being built. I can’t help but feel that sympathy¬†for both sides is being evoked because death is incoming. Akame ga Kill! has been good at that in the past. I’m hoping that Bols dodges this death flag though. I tend to like characters that seek redemption, and Bols is a good addition to the character cast. Truthfully, this episode was all about character exploration. Learning about Lubbock’s past, his crush, and Susanoo’s inexperience when it comes to bonding benefits the entire watching experience.

There was some great set up for next week as well. Things always get interesting when Esdeath bumps into Tatsumi. And we’re getting closer to finding out what the motives of the mysterious man are… All in all, a good episode of Akame ga Kill! that should serve as a gateway into a ferocious battle!

Episode 13: Kill the Nuisances





  • Character exploration
  • Well executed humour
  • Great setup


  • Potential upcoming deaths might have been made too obvious?

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