Episode 5 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


A storm is coming, while cheesy, may be a fitting phase for the recent episode of Sailor Moon Crystal as we welcome in the latest sailor scout!  Unfortunately, as with all of the scouts, what dark introduction awaits her?

Rumors begin to spread of a dangerous student named Makoto, said to have superhuman strength and transferred from her previous school after getting into a fight. Though this doesn’t sway Usagi from speaking with her after having her life saved by Makoto that very morning.

Perhaps we all know what wins over the heart of Usagi. Delicious looking food that Makoto offers, and even talk of showing her around to none other than an arcade. It’s an instant BFF situation for Usagi, but also a seemingly fated deal for Makoto as she soon realizes something special about Usagi by random glimpses of a palace.

After Makoto is introduced to Motoki at the arcade, she finds his face awfully familiar to a past love interest of hers. Though this seems to be fuel for Nephrite’s plans to steal the life from those trapped by romance.

The arrival of my favorite sailor scout when I was a youngster. While Rei had a special “Shrine Maiden” element to her, I never did like her trundere attitude when I was younger (same with Asuka from NGE). It was nice to see that she is as likable as she used to be! Misunderstood, tough on the outside, soft on the inside, and able to kick some butt.

I absolutely loved the scene with Usagi confronting Makoto and sharing lunch. Just seeing Usagi “fight” her urge to grab a share was priceless. Despite Usagi’s goofy personality, she’s definitely a master of making friends with anyone.

Overall an excellent episode and for once some stable animation and artstyle from start to finish. I just hope they can keep up with this visual quality for the rest of the series. Does it take a 3 week cycle to clean things up? By all means, do it! ¬†With the completion of the primary sailor scouts, I’m curious if the story will shift right along with the story or take some time dabbing into some random monster-per-episode shenanigans.

Episode 5: Makoto – Sailor Jupiter –





  • Good visuals for once
  • Makoto is cute!
  • Great scenes with Usagi


  • CG still tacky

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