Episode 8 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


After a long delay, we finally get to jump back into Twelve and Nine’s world of cat and mouse.  Or as it has become, dog and cat.  While they managed to save Lisa and escape the airport without incident, it seems that Shibazaki won’t be so lucky.

Following Shibazaki’s actions to thwart Five’s plans to blow up the airport, the police chief is forced to take actions against him and his fellow team mates. Each of them find themselves suspended for 3 months and removed from the case, on the other hand Shibazaki is suspended until further notice. Basically fired.

Though this doesn’t phase him too long as he begins to use new tactics to get the information he needs. First he uses extortion to force a member of the Rising Peace Academy to uncover what his group had created in the past. Apparently they had created an academy that gathered gifted children from across the country, orphans. While it’s yet unknown what they did with these children it involved the government, pharmaceutical companies, neuroscience institutions, and state of the art medical organization.

e8terrorinresonance5While Shibazaki uncovers the organization that we assume Twelve, Nine, and Five are from, elsewhere Lisa receives a package at the door addressed to her. Unknowingly, she accepts the package that is plainly written in an envelope to be a bomb.

Quite an episode! Poor Lisa cannot seem to catch a break and even has Nine attacking her. How would she be responsible for the bomb being delivered! Oh well, we’ll just call him a tsundere and be done with it.

At this point, I’m still not getting Five at all. For a brief moment when she expressed her frustration, I thought we might get a small glimmer of her motivations. Alas, she just wants to win against Twelve and Five, nothing more.

e8terrorinresonance7On the Shibazaki front, I was glad to see yet more insight into the Athena Plan. Or rather the Academy. Though sadly most of this is already known by the viewer and just repeating itself. Perhaps with this finally revealed to everyone involved, we might see it finally concluded.

The most interesting element of this episode however was the reference to “time”. On several occasions already we’ve gotten brief glimpses of Twelve staring off into the distance. Often with depictions of feathers. Now I wasn’t sure if this was what he was really seeing, or if it was just visual candy for the viewer.

e8terrorinresonance0However in this episode we seen Nine watching Twelve silently as he did this staring. I’m curious if this is something of a pre-death hallucination. At the end of the episode Nine states that “It won’t work like it has in the past. We don’t have any more time”. To which Twelve responds, “I’m going because I don’t have time”. I’m wondering if this is a sign that they have some sort of ability and that Nine is in fact dying. Perhaps they are gifted with some type of ability and in return of their testing, they don’t live long.

It was nice to see Twelve’s resolve to take actions at the ending segment.  I’m definitely glad he didn’t turn out to be as psycho as the intro lead me to believe.  Though that would have been interesting, this is a bit more romantic (to a degree).

Suffice it to say, I’m interested in seeing how this unfolds. I’ve been waiting for some time for some interesting element of the show to surface. I’m hoping this is the hook that will make the long and sometimes boring trip worth it. Because the show is without a doubt beautiful.

Episode 8: My Fair Lady





  • Good suspense
  • Good build
  • New plot uncovered


  • Repeating plot points
  • Bit slow

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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