Episode 9 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Stormy waters are ahead for the Night Raid assassins. After having lost two members in quick succession, and the forming of a new lethal group under Esdeath’s command, could another casualty be around the corner? Is the Revolution still a realistic cause?

Our assassins engage themselves in rigorous training as a response to recent events. Najenda, being the boss, can’t be idle either as she leaves for the Revolutionary Army headquarters. By delivering confiscated Imperial Arms and trying to recruit new members for Night Raid, she’s doing all she can to keep the cause alive. But Esdeath isn’t wasting time either. The assembly of her new subordinates, named the “Jaegers”, proceeds smoothly. And though some of their personalities could be repellent amongst themselves, they ooze capability. Seryu and Kurome being on the team is no laughing matter.

e9akamegakill2Tatsumi, Lubbock and Leone relocate to a secret Night Raid base in the capital. Our main protagonist, informed by Lubbock, comes to terms with how cruel Esdeath really is. Pushed by curiosity and a cash reward, he joins a tournament organized by Esdeath to fish out potential Imperial Arms wielders. As expected, Tatsumi comes out on top with little effort. But cash isn’t the only thing that Tatsumi wins as Esdeath hopelessly falls in love with him. The question now is if Night Raid can retrieve Tatsumi from the ever so forceful Esdeath…

Here come the Jaegers! Expectations are instantly high, bearing in mind that this group is supposed to outclass the Three Beasts. Kurome is Akame’s sister, and Seryu has already killed a Night Raid assassin… Then there’s Wave who gets introduced in main character style, indicating his importance/strength. I can’t wait for the first fight, hoping that it makes good use of character interaction (Wave vs Tatsumi, Seryu vs Mine, Akame vs Kurome).

Moving on to the flashback with Najenda and Esdeath, I really appreciated the insight it provided whilst showing the conflicting perspectives of the two generals… But “showcasing” was definitely a thing in this episode, period. Akame ga Kill! always had fan service as one of its ingredients, but this one had more eye candy than usual. Not a problem at all on my end, but I can imagine it being annoying to some at least. And Esdeath forcing Tatsumi to be her boyfriend… While providing excellent set up, it was very predictable. However, vital character introductions, a valuable flashback, and a good cliffhanger make this another great Akame ga Kill! episode.

Episode 9: Kill the Battle Fanatic





  • Jaegers
  • Flashbacks (characterization)
  • Fan service (?)


  • Predictability of Esdeath falling for Tatsumi
  • Fan service (?)

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