IA -Aria on the Planetes- Figure Unboxing


While IA isn’t the most talked about Vocaloid in the family, I still think she is by far one of the best designed. It also helps that she has a voice bank from a personal favorite of mine, Lia, who did music for Clannad, Clannad Afterstory, Little Busters Refrain, and much more.  Sadly, with little to choose from when it comes to IA figures, IA -Aria on the Planetes- 1/8 Scale Figure by Aquamarine is the best choice.

It’s no surprise that when I seen this figure by Aquamarine, I just had to have her. After snagging her up, and struggling with some minor flaws, I’m absolutely in love with this elegantly designed figure that captures her beauty. Almost gracefully flying and with her gorgeous hair floating behind her, it’s definitely a figure for any IA fan to want in their collection.  Just take into consideration the flaws noted in the video below.

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