Sawano Hiroyuki Aldnoah.Zero Soundtrack Feature


There’s no mistaking the fact that Aldnoah.Zero had some outstanding presentation. More-so in its fantastic music that hit all the right queues. This mostly due in part by Sawano Hiroyuki, the musical composer for the series.

With little hesitation, we got our hands on the soundtrack that features a great deal of Sawano Hiroyuki’s work, including the tracks done in partnership with singer mizuki. Amazing tracks like aLIEz and A/Z, but also others like NZK and Keep On Keeping On.

While Aldnoah.Zero had about 4 different soundtracks release for it, including an original soundtrack, a standard press of Sawano’s work, and even one for Kalafina’s work, we feel this soundtrack includes some of Sawano’s best work.

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