Dark Angel Olivia Twin-Tail Version Unboxing


The Dark Angel Olivia from Kotobukiya sold out rather quickly when she was released back in April of 2014. Featuring long beautiful hair and a white tunic that contrasts her dark appearance, she was gold to the highest bidder. Now in October, we see a twin-tails version release that is sure to capture us all the same.

fig-olivia4This time around, featuring a white tunic along with her flowing orange twin-tails, she’s much more cute if not equally as mysterious. Kotobukiya didn’t change much in this iteration as most all of her features aside from her hair is exactly the same in shape, but it’s a much welcome release for those unwilling to pay high dollar for the original by second-hand.

While she’s not the easiest figure to put together, due to her tight-fitting right wing, she’s worth the borderline heart attack involved. So many beautiful details that will have you wanting to find the most fitting location to display her. Don’t worry though, she’ll definitely catch people’s eyes.

The only fear in this purchase remains in its original’s reported leaning syndrome. While it’s still up for the debate if Kotobukiya made good in changing her design for stability sake, it wouldn’t hurt to keep her propped against a backdrop for her to lean on.

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