Episode 1 Impressions: Celestial Method


A girl returning to her hometown after many years of separation. Recalling memories and promises that once were made. Mending friendship long forgotten. All under the mysterious glow of an unknown saucer.

Nonoka is returning to the Lake City of Kiriya after moving to Tokyo 7 years prior. Being so young when she lived their prior, all of her memories are gone but not forgotten. It seems the many places and people she will soon meet will trigger remembering of promises and friendships.

The day after their arrival, Nonoka’s father is called into work. However she’s not alone as she soon realizes a girl is awaiting her in her room covered in dirt. This girl, calling herself Noel, seems to know Nonoka dearly even though Nonoka can only recall fragments of her memory. For now, all Nonoka can say is that Noel has been waiting for her to return for a long time.

e1celestialmethod6As she realizes Noel is hungry, Nonoka┬átakes a trip┬áto the local store to get some groceries. While she’s away, Noel decides to help Nonoka by unboxing some things. However when Nonoka returns, she find Noel holding her mother’s picture, glass shattered. This upsets Nonoka and she tells Noel to leave and to never come near her again.

It isn’t until Nonoka’s father returns that a confession is made. The father had broken the portrait, not Noel. This leads to Nonoka searching throughout the town to find Noel to apologize. She even has triggered memories of once being with Noel in the observatory, singing to her, and also promising to have her mother sing for Noel.

e1celestialmethod1Finally, at the observatory, Nonoka finds Noel and breaks into a tearful apology. After Nonoka has inadvertently fulfilled her promise of returning, Noel says she must now grant her wishes.

I guess we all kind of knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to fire up Celestial Method. Sugar and amazingly beautiful visuals. While we definitely got some absolutely adorable characters and stunning eye candy, we also got some hints of some emotional underlining stories.

Since I’m not a huge fan of shows that are strictly sugar shows, Celestial Method had me a tad bit hesitant. However when the music kicked on and the emotion began to increase, I definitely seen that there was much more to this show.

Hey, if anything, Noel is adorable. Definitely give this show a chance if you like some sugar with your tears because this is sure to be a bumpy ride!

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Episode 1: Saucer City





  • Beautiful visually
  • Great music and timing
  • Adorable characters


  • Some typical drama elements

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