Episode 1 Impressions: DENKI-GAI


Shopping for manga is fun, but who wouldn’t love walking into a shop filled with cute loli girls and mayhem everywhere? Well, it would probably make ero buying a bit more difficult, but what if they like ero..?

In the city of Denki-gai there stands a comic shop called Umanohone. Within its walls, customers are greeted by quite a colorful cast of employees and management. From Hiotan who struggles with coming clean about ero manga, to the manga artist everyone calls Sensei, to Director who films “unusual” movies, and even the tall Sommelier.

As things ramp up for Umanohone, the employees are trapped in a constant rush to prepare manga for sale. Though after a government worker who inspects ero book sales to ensure they are separated shows up, the team is forced to tape shut many of their ero.

e1denkigai6During this time, a rather normal looking Umio works along with Hiotan to seal the books. While doing so, Director sneaks in to attempt to cause Hiotan to admit a like for ero manga. Which then leads her to ask Umio if he does as well. This only leaves Hiotan extremely embarrassed and Director curious.

Afterwards, Hiotan and Umio decide to go visit Fu Girl and Sommelier who are partaking in what is called a “Sommelier Party.” Turns out Sommelier is popular in his ability to read people and know exactly what manga people should read. After the government worker from earlier shows up, it turns out his skills may get the store in trouble.

e1denkigai9On another day, the seemingly new employee Umio learns that the girl everyone calls “Sensei” is actually a famous manga artist named “Jonataro.” After she learns of Umio’s skills in art, she requests his aid to help her reach her latest deadline for the next convention. This leads Umio to learn quite a bit about his favorite mangaka.

Based off of the first episode and the second episode preview, this show is definitely shaping up to be a silly ride. Best described as “Put a bunch of young-looking girls in front of inappropriate comics and see them blush.” Though, unlike some other shows, it does seem like they are keeping it relatively clean (though episode 2 might change that).

e1denkigai11I’d be lying if I said episode 2’s preview doesn’t scare me.  While I’m fine with a loli and a little bit of ecchi, I’m not all that keen on moving in a “Hey they are adults even though they look like they are 6” direction and start piling on adult humor.  Though I guess I’d be ignorant if I didn’t admit that there was plenty of suggestions in the first episode already.  But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

On the visual side, the show is very simplistic and low-budget. But not to the point of being ugly by any means. Let’s just say that the artwork on the manga they sell, is more detailed than the characters selling them. Of course visuals don’t matter much as this is a comedy.

On the comedic side, the show is good so far. It doesn’t seem like it’s trying too hard, instead it paces well with some standard silly cutesy elements and random work encounters. So far, this seems to work really well as I was entertained from start to finish and the characters are just very likable. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for some cute and comedic fill.

This show is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: Love & Ero For All / The Nightmare Before Carnaval





  • Cute characters
  • Decent laughs
  • Good pacing


  • Bit slow here and there
  • May get crude later

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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