Episode 1 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


The world is in great danger.  A secret organization threatens to remove the desires for the twin-tail hair style!  Who could possibly step up to save the world from this great tragedy but one who loves the twin-tail more than anyone else!

Let’s not dance around the subject, Mitsuka Soji is clinically and disturbingly obsessed with the twin-tail hair style on girls.  So much in fact that it takes up all his mental capacity on a regular basis.  Assembly at school becomes a chance to give nicknames to every twin-tail girl.  His desires for the school year end up being wrote to make a Twin-Tail Club.

Luckily he’s joined by his childhood friend Aika Tsube who doesn’t seem to be against wearing her hair in twin-tail for his affection. Except in true harem/comedy fashion, he is pretty much clueless to her existence. To add to the love tension, he would soon meet a well-endowed woman who would seek his talents in twin-tail fandom.

Enter Twoearle, some sort of mad scientist and one seeking to thwart a threat against the twin-tail existence. She seeks out one who would be willing to help fight off the menace of Earth, and after showing Soji the evil in action, he jumps to helping.

e1gonnabethetwintail4Elemelians, a race of villain who captures twin-tail wearers claiming that they are dangerous. Sending them through a gate that they have, it strips them off their twin-tails and removes all desire to wear their hair that way again.

Soji activates his new bracelet given to him by Twoearle and is instantly transformed into a short, twin-tailed… GIRL! Though there is little time to complain as the Elemelians discover his undeniably powerful twin-tail existence and rush him.. or her.. HUH!?!?

After getting his bearings straight on his increased power and mobility, he quickly dishes out some powerful attacks. Though most of his actions only make the Elemelians more swooned by his twin-tails. After dealing the final blow, he destroys the twin-tail stripping gate and restores the twin-tails to all the girls that lost them.

e1gonnabethetwintail6Have you ever watched something that was so odd, so stupid, so ridiculous, so mentally off the wall, that it was hilarious and entertaining?  That’s this show.  I was constantly thinking “Really?!” and following it with a confirming laugh.  It’s so goofy, it’s great.

While the idea of a dude being turned into a cute little twin-tail loli is a bit disturbing, the whole idea around everything just makes it okay.  It’s everything that makes your friends question why you’re an otaku, put into one show just for you to confirm that you’re an otaku.  You’re weird, and proud.

While it’s not the greatest show to look at, it gets it right where it counts.  Solid action animations and decent character designs.  I even dig the combat suits, as tropishly skimpy as they are.

Do I recommend this show?  Yeah, if you go into it expecting it to be stupidly great.  Don’t take it seriously, don’t expect a great plot or reason for anything. Just laugh at it. What better way to spend your Thursday night than to watch some guy save the world from losing its twin-tails girls?!?!

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Earth is a Twin-Tail World



It’s so stupid, it’s hilarious


  • Hilariously odd
  • Good animation


  • Concept is  dumb in reality
  • A bit creepy

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