Episode 1 Impressions: Hi-sCool! Seha Girls


Sega, the company that went head to head against the console giant Nintendo and managed to hold its ground for many years. While its days of being a console giant are long gone, the memories of sitting in front of a game of Golden Axe are not. Memories Seha Girls seem to take joy in rekindling.

Sega Saturn is kicking off her first day at her new school, Sehagaga Academy. She chose the place because it was closest to her house and seemed rather easy, however she soon finds that the school has some really troublesome elements to it.

She first meets Dreamcast who is a high-spirited girl who REALLY loves naruto and browsing the web. The second she meets is Mega Drive who is a rather intelligent book-worm with a catalog of knowledge.

As Sega Saturn learns a bit about the school, including its anthem, the three are called into class where things get even stranger. An instructor pops onto a television and informs them that they will be put through several different tests, the first of which involves them leaping into the world of Virtua Fighter.

Seha Girls is a hard one to put a verdict on, mainly because it’s a very niche based show. Put simply, if you don’t care about video games, or even if you’ve never played a Sega branded video game console, you’re not going to care about anything in this show. It’s really a tribute to the old Sega generation of console gaming. Constantly cracke1sehagirls6ing jokes at itself and the games it played.

For that very reason, I’m loving this show. It’s an extended short, so around 11 minutes. So it’s just short enough that it doesn’t drag out. With the direction I see the show taking, that will probably work out really well. Having the character dive into different old Sega games will prove to be quite comical if they keep the same mood they had in this episode. Again, not afraid to laugh at themselves.

While unfortunately the show does use CG exclusively, the characters are very cute and very animated.  Never going into robo territory.  Except the environments they are placed in seem like they didn’t receive much effort and everything looks rather flat.  I can say that the CG is actually necessary here as they will be diving into video games.

If you’re a classic gamer like me, or remember the age of Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and Mega Drive, definitely give this a shot. I was pleasantly surprised by it.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: You’re Always 10 Years Early!

Good.. for gamers..

Fun!.. for Old School Gamers..


  • Funny jokes for classic gamers
  • Cute CG chibi
  • Sega joking at themselves


  • Plain environments
  • Few dull moments
  • Non-gamers get nothing out of it

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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