Episode 1 Impressions: In Search of the Lost Future


A typical high school setting that seems to be filled with love, ambitions and clubs.  As Sou soon learns of a love that is blossoming, it seems fate will throw his world through quite a substantial change.

Sou is a typical boy who enjoys astronomy, living with her childhood friend Kaori.  While at school, it seems quickly obvious that Kaori seems to have some sort of affection for Sou, even if she’s unable to express it and it being blatantly obvious to everyone else but him.

He’s joined with a few friends including Hanamiya who seems to be quite adept at blackmailing people and taking incriminating photos of them.  Also, Airi is quite interested in Sou, but feels it necessary to allow Kaori to fulfill her love for him.  Nagisa seems to be quite the brain child and often tinkers with unknown devices.  Then there’s Kenny, who is an international student who has a fascination with his girlfriend Jennifer from the US.

e1insearchofthelostfuture2As things progress, Sou is given the task of building a planetarium, though by what means remains unknown.  During this time, Kaori finally confesses her love for Sou and he’s unable to give a full response but to say that he’d like to spend his life with her.  However as she heads home for the day, something unexpected happens that will change their lives forever.

Ugh, where to start?  I guess I’ll start off with a warning: this isn’t going to be pretty.  There’s so many issues with this show that I feel almost bad for writing an impression on it.  However I feel these are points that people should be aware of going into this show.

e1insearchofthelostfuture7First off, the show is very ugly in presentation.  The character models are poorly done and often change in shape throughout the show.  I can’t quite place my finger on it, but it seems as if there was two studios working on it at the same time.  One scene, things look like standard animation, while in other scenes, it looks like some poor CG work.  It’s wonky, inconsistent, and is often distracting how bad it looks.

Secondly, the characters.  I found myself unable to connect to any of these characters.  From the violent kick boxing chick that seemed like her whole purpose was to flash her panties and had no reason for her actions, to the typical brain case that is apparently fabricating some life changing (or time changing?) cube that she doesn’t want to explain.  In the ending scenes, I didn’t care what happened because I honestly had no care for who I was watching.

e1insearchofthelostfuture8Lastly, the overall story.  It’s obvious that this story will be one of those typical “time leap to fix the future” stories, and with that, I’m already tired of it.  Granted this is a first episode and I’m sure things will be explained, once again I don’t care.  They failed to hook me and they only managed to make me turned away.  With all of the day-to-day events they were engaged in, none of them made any sense.  For crying out loud, the astronomy group was made a disciplinary committee in spite one girl being violent.  They went from place to place just to beat up people.

By all means, skip this show.  Though if there’s an element here you find interesting, I bid you good luck!  Though I’m not completely against someone explaining to me why this show exists.  I’m open-minded about that.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: The Lost Future


Bad.. just.. bad..


  • None


  • Terrible Animation
  • Flip-Flop CG
  • Bad characters
  • Bad flow
  • Bad execution

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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