Episode 1 Impressions: Log Horizon 2


While the players trapped in the world of Log Horizon have managed to find hope and joy thanks to the efforts of Shiroe, it doesn’t seem like that will last much longer as something behind the scenes seems to be crumbling.

Enjoying the recent Halloween festivities, the citizens of Akihabara are enjoying the fruits of the labors going on at the round table. However, as Shiroe meets with the round table, things look much more grim. It seems that despite the efforts of buying and fortifying the town with order, costs of protecting it with the NPC guard system is quite steep. If something is not done, the town will lose its protection.

In true Shiroe fashion, it seems he manages to muster a plan. A plan that involves exploiting the game’s gold system by cutting it off in its transition to spawning monsters. Though he still kindly gives the Kunie Clan the opportunity to aid before doing so.

e1loghorizonii9The Kunie Clan is the bank system in the world, taking players gold to store, but never lending money as it’s against their ancient treaties. They also control the flow of money from monsters and chests to vendors and banks and then back again. But Shiroe managed create a theory that the gold could be acquired from a whirlpool sealed behind a large gate that is then funneled into chests and enemy monsters. Despite the Kunie Clan’s stance, it seems they are willing to consider the option of aiding if Shiroe’s theory proves true.

e1loghorizonii4Well, that opening sequence sure did blow the entire budget for the season. At first I thought they just cashed up with a bigger budget coming into this new season, however it quickly dropped down to similar quality to the first season. Even if I think Nyanta looks a bit off this time around.

Visuals aside, this was an interesting episode as it definitely decided to FINALLY leave Akihabara. With the new hook in play, it seems like our heroes are forced to stop doing festivals and dealing with People of the Land exclusively. Even though we got one last festival to deal with before pressing on.

Coming out of Log Horizon’s first season only recently, I have a distaste for the excessive festivals and never found the People of the Land too interesting. Though the Kunie Clan could change that later issue.

e1loghorizonii3It is important to note the arrival of what seems like a new character. A hyper genki well-endowed kickboxer. Now, as cute as she may be, there’s a good chance that she could significantly change the tone of the show as pretty much the entire cast of Log Horizon has been on the more real and serious side. With a few silly cases. So I’m not too sure about her addition.

The idea of the money well is a clever one, and I’m really interested to see how real it could be. However, seeing as the Kunie Clan isn’t too into the idea of losing their role, it could mean that Shiroe will end up facing off against beings similar to the town guards.

Overall, I’m an interested to see where Log Horizon goes in this new season. With a lackluster finish to the first season, this new route could respark my interest in it.

This show is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: Shiroe of the Northern Lands





  • Interesting new arc
  • Great intro
  • Good short recap


  • Jarring quality shift from opening
  • Minor holes in gold concept

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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