Episode 1 Impressions: Lord Marksman and Vanadis


They say love can even spawn on the battlefield, which is definitely the case for Tigre as he is met by an enemy war maiden who takes a strange interest in his will to fight.

As the kingdoms of Brune and Zhcted go to war against one another, the battle on the plains of Dinant becomes a bloody one. Even though Brune holds 25,000 men over Zhcted’s 5,000, it falls to a sneak attack and the might of one War Maiden. Even the prince of Brune falls in battle. While the smoke clears, a skilled archer of the Brune kingdom named Tigrevurmud Vorn holds his ground and continues to fight.

As the War Maiden Eleonora Viltaria approaches him, he manages to take out the horses of two of her soldiers. Eleonora charges Tigre head on and quickly deflects all of his arrows. Instead of killing him, she claims that he now belongs to her and takes him back to her keep Leitmeritz.

During his stay at Leitmeritz, he soon discovers that a ransom has been put out for him to be fulfilled within 50 days. Though this isn’t a ransom that is meant to be fulfilled as even his own village that he is the count of, Alsace, makes merely a third of it in revenue. Instead, it turns out that the War Maiden Elen just seeks to make him her own.

This is because Elen has taken a liking to Tigre. Not for him personally, but for his fighting spirit and skills with a bow. This is demonstrated for the masses that find his presence a stain when Tigre manages to use a broken bow to take down an assassin seeking to kill Elen.

e1lordmarksmanandvanadis7While Tigre almost seems like part of the people within Leitmeritz, walking and eating among the soldiers, his entertaining stay would soon be put into chaos.  Elen’s men capture Tigre’s friend Sir Mashas who delivers a message.  Alsace is being marched upon by General Zion Thenardier of the Brune kingdom.

As Tigre marches to exit the gates of Leitmeritz, he’s greeted by a smirking Elen.  Will she allow him to pass?  Or will she aid him?

Going into this show, I had some high hopes. It felt dark, it felt like solid fantasy, and it was visually well done. However I ran into a few snags along the way that didn’t quite set with me all to well.

e1lordmarksmanandvanadis3As I mentioned, this show has a nice fantasy feel. One I haven’t seen in quite some time. An Escaflowne and Lodoss War type of fantasy that I’ve been craving for some time. However, after the battle scenes early on finally give way to some standard exchanges, the show begins to drift off slightly into a harem feel.

Though this doesn’t take too much away from it as it still maintains a feel of politics and war throughout the exchanges, only breaking away here and there to throw in some harem elements. So that’s why I’m able to maintain my hopes for this show.

A great side to this show is that the main protagonist is relatively likable. Not in personality, but because he seems like a solid protagonist. He’s not a wimp, he’s not entirely afraid of female interaction. Instead, he’s strong, skilled, and able to hold his own in his given situation. That’s a huge plus for me.

e1lordmarksmanandvanadis8Now the overall story, I can’t say I’m too impressed with the writing so far, however given that it’s a war story, I’m willing to give it some time to progress. The idea of a “war maiden” becoming interested in a guy who killed many of her soldiers to the point of wanting to bath with him is a bit stupid if you ask me. Though I’m not ignorant of the concepts of harem selling a show. I just hope it becomes more than that. The element of Tigre’s having his own town and kingdom he has loyalty should prove interesting in his situation.

In the end, I can give this show a recommendation. It has a lot of promise here and managed to keep many of the standard tropes at bay while creating an interesting fantasy feel.

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Episode 1: Wind Princess of the Battlefield





  • Good fantasy feel
  • Good characters
  • Dark setting
  • Interesting concepts


  • Some flakey writing
  • Harem tropes

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