Episode 1 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


Mankind has had a past of violence and evil intensions, but soon they would find themselves in the midst of a greater evil. A parasite that feeds on their brains and is much more dangerous than anything they’ve ever seen.

Shinichi Izumi was living a normal life before one night a worm-like parasite find its way into his room.  It tried to enter through his ear but his earphones prevented its destination.  Instead, it attempts to climb through his nose before Izumi awakens and blows it out.

After a struggle to kill the worm, it leaps onto his hand and enters into his body.  After some quick thinking, he ties off his upper arm to stop its route.  Hearing his struggle, his parents rush in, only to find the hole where the worm had entered is gone, and there is no sign of the worm.

The following day, Izumi continues his normal schedule, always wondering if what happened was real.  Though unexplained things seem to keep happening.  His appetite is huge, he’s tired, his hand seems to move on its own, and he even stopped a speeding car in its tracks using only his hand.

e1parasyte5Keen on his hand being possessed by the worm after seeing an eye manifest during the car incident, he rushes home and attempts to stab whatever was in his hand, however his hand morphs into a strange creature and stops the blade.  It begins to speak to him, claiming it had failed and must rest.

Following this, the parasite in his hand begins to take form regularly.  It is intelligent, constantly seeking information from books and the internet.  While Izumi contemplates going to the hospital or police to have his hand removed, the parasite claims that they can learn to coexist.

It needs nourishment from his body and would die otherwise.  Plus, it knows he may not like the idea of losing his hand.  It never planned to take his hand, but rather his brain.  Parasites like him normally enter the brain and eat it before assuming the host’s flesh and being able to keep it as a disguise.

e1parasyte10While walking to school, the parasite detects another of his kind.  It forces Izumi to seek out the other parasite and discovers that it had failed as well, taking a dog’s body instead of a human’s.  Sensing its killing instincts, the parasite forces Izumi to run before engaging in battle against it, destroying it’s core and killing it.

It seems like life won’t be returning to normal any time soon.  Elsewhere, it seems many of these parasites are taking hosts and causing mass amounts of gruesome killings.

What a fantastic beginning to the series.  To be honest, I remember learning about the manga quite some time ago and it always had my interest.  So I was immediately excited to see this adaptation.  While I never did get around to reading the manga, this show is delivering on many accounts.

e1parasyte12I think the thing I enjoy the most is the oddness of everything.  There’s a bit of off the wall weirdness about the world of the parasites that keeps me both entertained and humored.  How the parasite justifies itself.  How it ‘pleads’ for it’s life.  How the body of the parasite dog runs when it flies.  It’s an awesome kind of weird and I love it.

I also liked seeing that none of the show was censored, quite violent to be exact. Hopefully it will keep to this and we’ll see this show fight the recent censor trend.  On that note, the visuals were really well done and the show looks great.  The characters are really well animated and the parasite transformations look incredible.

If you haven’t guess it by now, I definitely recommend this show if you’re looking for a really interesting sci-fi show.  Just prepare for some graphical content.

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Episode 1: Metamorphosis





  • Awesomely weird
  • Great animation
  • No censorship
  • Comical


  • None

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