Episode 1 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The up and coming studio MAPPA definitely surprised many people with its beautiful animation in the recent show Terror in Resonance. Coming into Rage of Bahamut, we’re surprised to see that they took a giant leap forward. While visual design is definitely aiming to impress, we can only hope that the story will follow suit.

2,000 years ago, in the world of Mistarcia, mankind lives along side gods and demons. One day when a Bahamut threatened to destroy the world, the three races came together in order to overcome it. The key that sealed the Bahamut away was broken into 2 halves. One that the gods held and the other, the demons.

In the present time, we’re introduced to a spunky and energetic Favaro and a serious toned Kaisar who are fighting it out in the streets of a town. Turns out the two are bounty hunters, but Kaisar seems to blame Favaro for him losing a previous job and being stuck with bounty hunting.

e1rageofbahamut7As Favaro enjoys his spoils from his recent bounty, he talks about his next job in the land of Helheim. A place in which a mysterious girl nearby desires to go to. As he walks the streets later, he’s confronted by this girl who asks him for directions. He jokingly asks for a kiss in payment for the information, but is suddenly attacked by the brother of his recent bounty.

During the fight, the attacker summons a huge monster that puts Favaro at a disadvantage. However the mysterious girl removes her disguise and unleashes her full power as a demon, sprouting a wing and an odd aura. With little effort, she slays the beast and confronts Favaro for his desired payment, the kiss.

e1rageofbahamut10When Favaro wakes up, he’s surprised to find the inn maid terrified of his appearance as he changes for a bath. Yelling about a tail, she runs out of the room. Turns out Favaro has suddenly grown a tail.

Well this show definitely brought in the grand scale budget for animation and theatrics. Some scenes straight out of a Disney movie sword fight.  Rage of Bahamut, while starting out with some overly obvious CG, definitely came into its own going into the rest of the show.

Everything looked alive and my eyes were constantly trying to keep up with the action. Never stopping to breathe.  I’m not sure if they plan on keeping up this level of production, but if they do, this is going e1rageofbahamut12to be an insane ride. MAPPA definitely did good work on Terror in Resonance, but this show seems like it’s on a whole new level of action.

I thought the setting was pretty awesome as well. A few of the features in their character design are not particularly my taste, but I can definitely look past that. Especially since that demon form in the later segments was pretty awesome.

If you’re looking for some fast paced, non-stop action, definitely don’t miss out on this one. Though it remains to be seen if this show will have any strong story elements are we’ve only really seen a demon girl appear and some bounty hunters fight each other.

Unfortunately, being based off a card game, I wouldn’t expect too much from this show in regards to story.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Encounter Wytearp





  • Fun and action filled
  • Good tone
  • Visually amazing
  • Great later use of CG


  • Fear of story depth

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