Episode 1 Impressions: The Fruit of Grisaia


What could be more ordinary than a huge scale elite school that is filled with only 6 female students? Apparently Mihama Academy. The setting for this new series making its debut.

Yuuji Kazami is a student enrolling in the Mihama Academy. Being from a “Special Organization” branch of the Ministry of Defense, it seems his cover is that he’s seeking an “Ordinary School” to be a part of.

Though one would question if Mihama Academy would be considered “ordinary” is it only houses 6 students, each of an elite caliber, all female, and the despite this low number of students it’s quite large in size.

After Yuuji meets each of the classmates, each with their own flavor of personality and looks, Yuuji finally returns to his dorm to retire for the day. Only to discover that his room had been entered even though it was locked.

One of the students, Amane had entered by either picking or a spare key. Supposedly changing in his room. However it seems that each of the students in fact have some sort of goal. Some lethal.

Let’s face it, this was an introduction episode. All the time was spent going from one girl to the next in order to introduce them and their panties. For example, we now know that the yellow pigtail girl is the tsundere and wears striped. ¬†I’m not sure who thought this would be a good way to start a show, but I’ll just say it looked like a million other shows that have done it.

Now there was a small fragment of something at the VERY end of this entire boring mess of archetype defining. The reveal that some of these girls (if not all) are not entirely sweet and innocent, but rather lethal. As unoriginal as that was, it could spell something interesting.

I’m holding hope that this show will prove me wrong as I’ve heard plenty of good things about the manga. At least the protagonist isn’t a gynophobe.. but I really didn’t care to know what he was thinking about when the girls were in their rooms.

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Episode 1: Ordinary Academy Life



Bad Start


  • MC isn’t a gynophobe


  • Archetype 101 handbook
  • Boring
  • Unoriginal¬†on purpose?
  • Matrix couch tackle?!

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