Episode 1 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


No one likes the idea of starting a new year of school with no friends. That something Erika is determined not to happen, even if it means telling a few lies to gain approval. What damage can one lie do? What damage can many lies do?

Erika Shinohara is starting a new year in school, and with it comes the fear of being left out of the groups of friends that form so quickly. After nearly being late to her first day, she realizes that most everyone has already paired off into their own cliques. In a panic, she latches on to some nearby girls who are engaged in conversation about boys. Throwing out some lies about her ability to handle boys, she’s brought into the fold.

This progresses as she has her long time friend from another class call her on the phone to act like she’s receiving a call from her made up boyfriend. However after overhearing her new “friends,” it’s obvious that they don’t believe she even has a boyfriend.

e1wolfandblackprince1Enter a random handsome boy who Erika spots while walking to school. Opening her phone, she takes aim and snags a picture of him. After realizing she was spotted, she makes up a distraction and rushes off. Thanks to this risk, she’s able to show her new made-up boyfriend to her friends and continue her ruse. Except for one big snag, one of the girls recognizes the boy.

It isn’t until they go to lunch that it finally comes to her. The boy she took a picture of is called the school “Prince”, Kyouya Sata. When Kyouya happens to walk by at that very moment, Erika rushes him off to a secluded place in a panic.

At this point, Kyouya is quite charming and kind, asking her to explain her problem. When she does, he agrees to fake being her boyfriend which puts Erika in quite a shock. Except.. things turn south for her as Kyouya suddenly reveals a different side of himself. He tells her to twirl and bark like a dog. As payment for him going along with her lie.

e1wolfandblackprince7Turns out, while Kyouya gives off a kind and charming attitude, he has a twisted side as well and really likes the idea of a dog’s loyalty. Since Erika has no choice in the matter, she plays along and answers his ever beck and call.

At a later time, Erika is delivering a drink to Kyouya when her friends from class decide (in jealousy) to reveal her gossip in front of her at the lunch room. Openly, one of the friends repeat her claims of her “boyfriend” being into bondage and gags. Thus defaming Kyouya as a pervert and into crude things. In response, Kyouya grabs the girl’s chin, claims it’s all true, and then claims that he’d like to “stick a gag in that annoying mouth” of hers.

Kyouya leads Erika out of the lunch room and away from the two girls. At that point, she realizes the damage she has caused him, but he only responds in that he’s her boyfriend and she should shut up and let him protect her.  Though, once again, he gives off yet another sly side as he claims she owes him for this one.  While everything seems complicated, Erika decides that she’s fine with it continuing like this.

This show caught me off guard, in a very good way. Going into it, I was very afraid that this show would be about an innocent girl getting tortured by some jerk boy. However it really surprised me just how cute and enjoyable it really was.

While there was still some fairly uncomfortable moments, it kept itself very well-balanced and entertaining throughout. What impressed me more was that the show was a complete opposite to what the many synopses would lead me to believe. Instead of the boy being the villain here, it was more-so the girl who was the troublemaker. Which made it much more interesting.

So far it really seems to be about fitting in and the act of telling lies and who it hurts. In it all, the two main characters seem to both have their own faults and reasons for being the villain. It was a great first episode and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

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Episode 1: Caught in Her Own Trap





  • Cute and funny
  • Great take on lies
  • Good start


  • Poorly done walking sequences

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