Episode 1 Impressions: World Trigger


Invaders from beyond a gate, heroes of an unknown origin, and even visitors with goals unknown. World Trigger launches with what can only be called a flop, even with its possibilities.

The city of Mikado is thrown in chaos one day after a Gate to another world opens. From this gate poured invaders they called Neighbors that wielded technology that made them immune to most of mankind’s weapons. While doom seemed imminent for the city, a mysterious group of people arrived to fight them off.

This group of people who studied the Neighbor technology, manages to create an organization and means to protect the world from them. Known as the Border Defense Agency, the group built a huge base in the middle of the gate zone in a very short time. Now with the Border members fending off the Neighbors, it seems life in the city of Mikado returns peaceful, despite the regular explosions and shakes coming from behind its towering walls.

e1worldtrigger2Four years later, Mikumo who seems like a typical school boy, meets an odd transfer student named Yuma Kuga. The albino boy seems quite open and odd in behavior, often taking people’s comments literally and not fearing opposing bullies in school. However after the two are confronted by the school bullies, Mikumo attempts to defend him and gets beat up. While they stand in a “Forbidden Zone” which is known for having Gates appear, one such Gate actually appears above their heads.

Yuma prepares to leave the bullies who get grabbed by the Neighbor, but Mikumo activates his “Trigger” which gives him enhanced strength and abilities to fight the Neighbor. Turns out Mikumo is a member of Border and leaps into action. However his skills are terrible and he ends up being no match for the Neighbor. Thankfully, it turns out Yuma also has a Trigger and makes quick and effortless work of the Neighbor.

e1worldtrigger3Afterwards, Mikumo asks if Yuma is actually another member of Border, to which he declines. Turns out Yuma got his Trigger from his father. Though his father was also not part of Border, but instead the two of them are actually from the other side of the Gate. One would call him a Neighbor.

While an interesting concept, this show just seems poorly executed. Though I’m unsure of how much of that is the fault of the manga, or the studio. To start off, the visual style is terrible. That is assuming it’s in motion. Half the show was spent with either stills, or extremely drawn out face shots that went on for 5 or more seconds of nothingness.  All I can contribute it to was a lack of anything to fill the episode with, so they decided to drag on shots.  Don’t get me started on the CG enemies..

e1worldtrigger5One of the biggest faults of this show so far is the terrible cast.  Mikumo is rather plain, has little personality to him besides being a boring do-good type.  Though the more troubling character is Yuma.  He’s obnoxious, without emotion, and purposely ignorant.  They are playing him out to be social inept, but all it does it come across as unlikable and broken.  One minute he can’t understand the concept of someone protecting him, but yet the next moment he openly acknowledges irony.  That just doesn’t make any sense and makes me just hate the characters in this show.

Then there’s that stupid (=3=) face that Yuma does all the time.  He’s like a walking twitter meme that makes me desire to punch him.  It got old fast and never fit a situation and broke the mood often.

e1worldtrigger6The only real interesting element to this show was the setting.  Granted it’s a typical invasion concept, the idea of the Triggers, Neighbors, and someone coming from the other side is a bit interesting.  While I’m not sure if it will turn out more than a shonen type show, there’s still room for some good storytelling there.  It’s just unfortunate that everything about this show is terribly done.

It’s a show I can’t recommend unless you’re able to get past my huge list of “Cons”.  If you’re a big fan of shonens, it probably will be easier to get by.  Otherwise, I’d pass on this show.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: Visitor from the Other World





  • Interesting concept


  • Yuma is obnoxious
  • Excessive still shots
  • Wonky animation design
  • Poor CG enemies
  • Drawn out face shots
  • Yuma’s excessive =3= face

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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