Episode 14 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Eye in eye with Esdeath, and with the mysterious character still lurking in the vicinity, Tatsumi finds himself in quite the sticky predicament. What does the near future have in store for our young protagonist?

e14akamegakill1General Esdeath wastes no time and uses this rare opportunity to assess her one true love, Tatsumi. Before he can even get a grip on the situation, they are both confronted by the hooded man. Making immediate use of his Imperial Arms: Shambala, he teleports our dubious couple to a remote island. An excellent chance for a Danger Beast hunting date…

As Esdeath and Tatsumi continue to bond, we take a peek into Esdeath’s past. More specifically focused on a life-shaping childhood event, and on how she acquired her Imperial Arms. When the hooded man, revealed to be the minister’s son, opens the portal again so his comrades can enter the capital, Tatsumi sees his chance to escape. Concealing his presence with Incursio, he manages to disappear off Esdeath’s radar and they’re separated once again…

e14akamegakill2That was close! What was shaping up to be a “filler” episode turned out to be a rather important part of the story. Questions regarding Esdeath’s past were answered, and the still unnamed man’s involvement grew after his Imperial Arms and identity reveal. But I must say I quite liked the light atmosphere in the first half of the episode as well. The odd dynamic between Tatsumi and Esdeath remains entertaining. Poor Tatsumi though. Forever bound by the rules of anime, hindering him from having a piece of Esdeath.

But it was Esdeath’s character that took center stage this week. Withstanding the effects of drinking the Demon’s blood really stands as a testament to her ice-cold nature. Not your ordinary feisty woman. I look forward to seeing what role the minister’s son and his gang will play. The Night Raid and Jaeger assassins might be getting some company and it should be interesting to see how they mingle in the Imperial capital…

Episode 14: Kill the Colossal Danger Beast





  • Esdeath’s past
  • More on the minister’s son
  • Minor set up for another group of assassins(?)


  • None

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