Episode 15 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Separated once again, Esdeath and Tatsumi sensed a serious clash approaching. More information on the minister’s son was shared, which included the possible entry of another group. How much time does Night Raid have to prepare for the inevitable?

e15akamegakill1The Jaegers continue to purge the capital, steadily closing on Night Raid. But despite the impending danger, our assassins have their sights set on other matters. The appointed time is here. Using the uproar caused by a religious organization known as “The Path of Peace”, the Revolutionary Army aims to make its move. The goal is to lure all remarkable foes away from the minister, leaving him exposed for the kill.

However, there’s a twist in the mission. Being one step ahead, the minister already planted someone within The Path of Peace to stop the revolution. As they come to terms with the mission’s extra layer, an opportunity emerges to pounce on the Jaegers. Using Akame and Mine as bait, Najenda cleverly manages to separate Kurome and Bols from the rest of the Jaegers. A specific request from the Revolutionary Army was to annihilate those two, but Night Raid has their work cut out for them as Kurome reveals her Imperial Arms ability.

e15akamegakill2I think this episode was one that many were waiting for. It finally seems like Night Raid vs the Jaegers is upon us. I really liked how they used the narrator to emphasize that there isn’t any outright evil involved in this battle. The complementing dual panels of the two groups were much appreciated on my end as well. This story could have easily been told from Wave or Bols’ perspective, having Night Raid as the villains. Akame ga Kill! has a gem on its hands if they do the complexity of the upcoming fight justice.

This week’s episode was one of the best in the series so far, in my opinion. From the strategic explanation of the revolution to the cunning shown by Esdeath and Najenda, reading and anticipating each other’s moves. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode that succeeded at pushing this series to the next level. Exciting times to be watching Akame ga Kill!

Episode 15: Kill the Religious Organization





  • Revolutionary Army involvement
  • Emphasis on the grey area that envelops the conflict
  • Great set up for a serious fight between Jaegers and Night Raid


  • No mention of the minister’s son whatsoever

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