Episode 2 Impressions: Akatsuki no Yona


Following the horrific events that shook Yona’s world to the core, her allies remain few and her escape may whittle away even that. With such tragedies in play, it may be some time before she recovers any will to move forward.

Taking a brief step backwards, we find ourselves at the point of Yona discovering her slain father once again. This time however, we catch the brief conversation they had prior to her being nearly executed. Turns out that Soo-Won has hated his uncle, King Il, for quite some time. Despite Soo-Won’s father being older, and thus should have been the next King, the prior king instead chose Il.

It doesn’t end there. Soo-Won also claims that King Il murdered his father, stabbing him through with a sword. Of course Yona doesn’t believe this one bit, seeing as her father was quite the pacifist, and hated even the idea of touching a weapon. Despite her belief, it seems to be Soo-Won’s driving force.

e2akatsukinoyona7After knocking over a candle, Yona uses the opportunity to flee from the room and into the courtyard where she’s brought down by a whip. When the men prepare to execute her, Hak appears to strike the men down. While Yona questions if he’s on her side or not, Hak confirms that her father said to protect her no matter what happens.

After getting aid from a Min-Soo, Hak is able to get Princess Yona out into the mountains and away from harm, for now. With her broken spirit, it doesn’t seem like much has been saved.

Thank goodness this episode happened.  As I noted in my first episode review, this show started out with some terrible pacing that only ruined many opportunities for some solid emotion.  Enter the e2akatsukinoyona5second episode to remedy that.  We jumped back a little and captured all those missed moments, really delivering on what we missed out on.

Granted I understand they probably rushed episode one in order to get all the key points out to hook viewers, but in effect they ruined the start by attempting that.  I just hope others give the second episode a shot like I did as it really rekindled this show for me.

They definitely have a solid show in the making here and I can’t wait to see how Yona progresses.  My only other real upset that they seem to be continuing is this leaping back and forth to a point in which she ambushes an army with a tight group of men.  It was at the beginning of the first episode and again at the end of the second.  Then apparently episode 3 has us going back in time again.  A bit jarring and I hope they have a solid reason for it.

Great episode though and I can honestly recommend it.

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Episode 2: Torn Bonds





  • Fixed first episode’s issues
  • Good pacing
  • Great drama
  • Good action


  • Time ping ponging

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